How Beachbody Has Changed My life!

10151163_10203486137135544_1083020734_nWhile playing with my daughter outside today I had a thought… This time last year I was sitting in an office desperately wishing I was still home with my daughter. I was looking at the clock counting down the minutes so that I could get home and play with her outside. I would pull into the drive way and my sweet girl would be ready for bed and in her jammies… I would miss out on her play time because of my job. If I had loved my job at the time… perhaps I would have found a way to get used to it, but I didn’t love my job enough and I wanted nothing more than to be home with my baby.

I had this thing in my life called Beachbody. I had signed up as a coach 8 months prior to returning to work, and I played around with it! It was my side project, my hobby, and I loved it. It took me going back to work, and developing a serious WHY (getting my butt back home with my baby) to dive all in to Beachbody and replace my income. When I came home from work, I would work from 8 pm to 12 am developing my business. I was tired as all heck and I won’t lie… there were days when I cried in my office, wishing that I could make a change faster. I felt like a watered down version of myself, and had nothing left for my husband.

Within 3 months I replaced my income. I got super serious, and made huge sacrifices for 3 months, and bam… I was able to leave my job. We had to take a major leap of faith when we decided to bring me home, but it was so worth it. #1. I was present for my daughter. I was less watered down, and more pleasant to be around. I got to spend all of wakeful hours with my daughter! I worked my business 2 hours before she got up from bed, 2 hours during her nap-time, and 2 hours after she went to bed. We were still living pay check to paycheck, and as much as I hate to say it… we were broke! We barely made our bills, but we made it. Within 4 months of leaving my job, I doubled my income at my previous job and we started to pay down debt and save money and life got a little less stressful. We started to experience financial freedom.

As of today, I have my freedom. I get to stop what I am doing in the middle of the day and just be with the Loves of my life. I am a full time Mom with a part time job from home. I am a full time Mom who also brings in a 6 Figure income and that is growing fast. I have never made this kind of money in my life, and I guess that is for the best, because we are saving as much as we can and living like no one else so we can live like no one else in the future (Dave Ramsey). My team is packed full of women doing the same thing I did… working their butts off to be home with their babies. Like attracts Like! I am so happy to have been able to set the example for my fellow dreamer and doer!


1. Stay at home mom
2. 6 Figure income and growing
3. An amazing career in which I help people change their lives
4. I have the most amazing team of women who are my best friends.
5. I help other women do the same thing I am doing… stay home with their babies.
6. I help women get fit and healthy… no joke, its kinda cool.
7. I get to travel a bunch! Vegas in June, we just got home from a paid for cruise (sans airfare), and much more!
8. My marriage is stronger than ever. When you have more financial balance and career happiness, you have more time and mental energy to focus on your relationship.
9. I have developed into a super leader! Someone who sets the example for others, and leads without fear. Someone who builds other leaders and helps them to grow!

If anything about what I just said strikes a chord in your heart, and you have a love for helping other people… email me!! You will never know unless you ask. I am always here to discuss your dreams with you! My team is open to dreamers and doers !!



Much Love

7 Star Qualifying Diamond Coach

Anita Miron