How I lost 50 lbs!


That is right. I did something that seems sort of… gimicky. I bought into the infomercials, and I paid $180. BUT GUESS WHAT PEOPLE…. IT WORKED. I have  lost 150 lbs, and I have 18 more to go! The fat is melting off, and I have been loving every minutes of it. Above is a video about the Beachbody Challenge. It is quit simple. Nutrition+fitness+support=success. That is how thousands of people across the nation are dropping fat. Here is how it all works. You choose your fitness program, and your flavor of Shakeology ( You do your workouts, you check in with your group pages for accountability and support, you replace one meal a day with Shakeology, and you get me as your Coach. I will not let you fail! If you are serious about making a major change in your life, join me!

Here is how

shop/challengepack/ and you are done. After that I will get you plugged into a community of people who support you every step of the way. We will chat via telephone about getting you set up for success.


If you are not ready for the ultimate challenge quite yet… no big deal. I am still here for you, and would love to your health and fitness coach. Just sign up at for your free Beachbody account.