How to Cut Cravings and Fight un-necessary Hunger


Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Normally I post motivation in my Motivational Monday Videos, but today I wanted to give you guys some tips that you can use going into the new year, to help you battle cravings and extreme hunger as you go into you New Years Resolutions! Often we feel extreme hunger when we aren’t hungry. Often we crave naughty foods, when our body is lacking crucial nutrition! So here are some tips to help!

1. Hydrate, Hydrate Hydrate. We often mistake dehydration for hunger. Our bodies send a signal to the brain that you are hungry when in fact you are just dehydrated! By the time your body signals that you are thirsty, its to late, your body is already dehydrated! Aim for 72 oz to 1 gallon of water every day. If you are working out go for that 1 gallon!

2. Eat 5 meals a day! You will want to divide your calorie needs among st these 4-5 meals! Eliminate the idea of snacks! Each meal will have the same macronutrient ratio, and calorie intake. You will want to do this because it keeps your metabolism boosted, and your hunger levels down. It also keeps your blood sugar even so that you do not experience any highs or lows in energy. Just even energy all day!

3. Eat Balanced macro nutrients! portion-hints

This will keep your energy levels high and your hunger down. Protein keeps you fuller longer. Complex carbs give you sustained energy throughout your day. So aim for 1 palm size of protein, (or two depending on calorie needs), 1 fist size of complex carbohydrates, and unlimited veggies!


4. Drink Green Tea! This will boost your energy and kill cravings.

5. Workout in the morning!!!