How to Get a Fuller Rounder Butt – Glute Activation

Having a great butt is all the rage these days!  Remember when it was all about being skinny?  We are far from that these days with music, social media, and basically everywhere you look is about the big, round booty.  Its hard for us pancake butts to keep up! 

Sexy woman body. Great ass

Well let me back track a bit.   I started on my mission to add mass to my ass about four years ago and i went about it all wrong.  I was doing way too much cardio and not eating nearly enough wholesome food.   I would squat and squat and squat away during my workouts but I seemed to always only feel it in my quads.  Let me also mention that I have arthritis in my knees and squatting and lunging has always been very painful for me.   Looking back, I don’t think that I ever felt my gluteus work in the 10 years that I had been seriously working out.   So, not only was I using too light of weights, I was also not activating my glutes, and I was not feeding my muscles with proper nutrition.  This resulted in my butt getting smaller and flatter.   About a year later (yes I stuck with something that was not working for about a year) I did my research and found the Glute Guy, Bret Contreas!   Talk about a game changer!   I started doing daily bodyweight glute activation work and slowly but surely the muscles in my butt started to feel like they had a purpose.   I started every workout with glue bridges, hip thrusts, donkey kicks, bird dogs, glute marches, you name it!!!   Then I started squatting with heavier weight and my knees could handle it better.


  It was working and I was so excited, but then just as soon as my progress started, it stopped.  I was eating lean cuisines and other low fat so called “healthy food” filled with chemicals and preservatives.   Instead of my body building muscle, it was dealing with the crap that I was putting into it and I was getting no where enough protein that I should have been consuming.  My thought was that if I ate more than my stomach would get big and that is true if I had kept eating what I was eating.    So now lets fast forward 3 years and I’m eating twice the amount of calories but I am eating real, whole food that does not come out of a box.  Protein at every meal no matter what and plenty of greens and yes, CARBS!!!!!   And  yes FAT!!!!   My body needed this to build muscle.  I can proudly say that I can squat ass to the grass my body weight (130lbs) without my knees hurting and I feel it all in the booty!   What else is great about having a strong butt you ask?   It helps with back low back pain!   Sooooo many people I know suffer from low back pain, including my mom.  So, yup that is right, she now does daily glute work and when she does not do it, you can guarantee that she feels it in her back.   So take action people and get those booty muscles working.  EAT REAL FOOD!  LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS!!!!


Written by Guest Blogger:

Katie Madison Myers

NPC Bikini Competitor

Certified Personal Trainer

Diamond Beachbody Coach