How to Workout With a Fussy Baby

My weight loss journey has been a long road. I am down to a size 4, and I started this at a size 12. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, and was damned if I was going to stay a say 12 forever. So I buckled down and made a change. Along the road there are bumps and there are wrenches that get thrown in the way. My daughter is now 10 months. In the last ten months we have gone from colic, to gas, to teething, to roseola, to bronchitis. So there were days where working out and eating right was a huge challenge. I am offering you a glimpse into how we get things done with a sick baby around the house. She woke up during “my time” at 7:30 am. She is usually a sleep until 10 am! So I made it work for us. I plopped her in her high chair and did my best to get my workout in, and keep her happy. I gave her plenty of snacks. You cannot hear it, but she is wining and laughing at the same time, and I am making seriously goofy faces at her and dancing around her. Her fever is at 102.2 so she was miserable, but I am sure Mommy cheered her up a bit! Enjoy!!