I want to live until I am 100…



Every day I workout. In some way shape or form, I move my body! I do take rest days, but they are definitely active rest days! My Mom set the example for me at a young age. She would do her Jane Fonda tapes and I would sit and watch her and do it with her. I never once thought that she was taking time away from me! I was always inspired to move with her and to be proud of my Mom for being active. My Mom also ate clean! She is Chinese, so rice and fish were her main staple. She would also eat tons of greens! At first, I was frustrated because duh… I wanted french fries, but now that I am older, I appreciate the example she set for me.
My Mom is now in her 60’s and absolutely alive and young. She still moves her body, she works out daily, she eats clean, and she is in tip top shape. Age is just a number for her! She refuses to believe that she has to get old! My Grand Mother (her mom) always moved her body as well! Every morning she did Tai Chi and count her beads (Buddhist). She is now almost in her 90’s and she is alive and well. Some memory issues here and there, but she is still up and moving around!
So here I am 31 years old and officially an adult! I make decisions for myself now. I think back to the ladies of my heritage and respect them so much! Now I want my daughter to look back on her Mom and have the same thoughts and appreciation. I want my daughter to speak of me with joy and pride. I want my daughter to grow up active, energized and healthy.
Have you ever stopped to listen to the heartbeat of someone you love? Holy moly this is trippy. Really listen to it. Really take it in for what it is. It’s a machine pumping away for years and years. It is an organ that could stop working at any point in time. There is no recharge station or battery that you can change out if it’s not working right. All you have to make sure that thing works and stays working is what you do for preventative care. So with that being said RESPECT YOUR HOUSE. Your body is your house. It is your temple. It is sensitive, and it is vulnerable. Everything you put into your body affects your organs.
So if you were to ask me the #1 benefit of being a COACH?
Accountability for my HEALTH. BECAUSE I have people looking to me to be the example, I cannot let them down. I cannot let my health get out of hand. This is my insurance policy that I will be getting on the ground with my great grandkids and playing with them. This is my opportunity to create incredible memories for my little girl!