I Will Win

You are probably thinking “wow, that is presumptuous of her!”. In 5 weeks I will be stepping on stage in Las Vegas (The Beachbody Classic) with some incredible people! People who have been on a similar journey as me! Even though it is a competition on stage, I can tell you the fact that I am going to walk on stage in the best shape of MY life, is a WIN for me. I am not going into this competition with my eye on a hunk of hardware, I am going into this competition with my eye on the incredible journey I have been on and the amazing fact that I get to share that with all of my coaches in Las Vegas for Beachbody Summit! I so wish that they would allow us to show our before and after shot on stage!!! The body I have now is a product of dedication, tons of sweat and a battle against emotional eat. I have come from 200 lbs to where I am now!!! Just seeing the body I have is not enough! I want people to see that I came from somewhere. I came from a pretty dark place. I came from a place of bad habits, depression, anxiety and emotional ea10253857_10203846912274697_6969718473071278506_nting (pre pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy). I want people to know that I pulled myself out of that dark place with the help of Beachbody.

If I cry at the Beachbody Classic while on stage know this: This journey has changed my life, and is so important to me, and I would not be where I am without Beachbody, and the accountability and support of my challengers and coaches. I would not be where I am now if I didn’t have my challengers to be there for. I will be on that stage thinking about my sweat and tears through this process, and my challengers sweat and tears. This is a win for me and for them!

When I walk on stage in 8 weeks for the Nicole Wilkin’s classic (actualy Bikini/bodybuilding/figure competition), sure it would be amazing to place, and win a trophy, but that is not my intention with competing. My intention with competing was to take my nutrition and fitness to a whole new level and to prove to myself that I can officially cut out emotional eating, binge eating, get into the best shape of my life! NO this competition prep is not about starving myself (in fact I am eating more than I have ever ate before), it is about eating a lot of the right stuff AT ALL TIMES. For the next 8 weeks I have to be AS PERFECT AS POSSIBLE in my eating, and in my fitness to make it on that stage where I want to be (I would like to just fit in on stage and not stand out like a sore thumb ;)) I cannot afford any major slip ups, weeks off from my regime, massive cheat meals, drinking alcohol, and I need to be spot on with my water intake. This is un like anything I have ever done before… the disciple this takes is wild, but I so badly want to prove to myself that I can do it. When I walk on stage knowing that I gave it everything I had, I will have WON no matter what.

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