Imagine Where You Will Be 6 Months From Now!

I do daily meditations and reflections right before I get out of bed every day. Today I had a crazy thought!! I have been on my fitness journey for nearly 2 years, and every 6 months… my body makes an obvious shift! Every now and again I go through this thought process: “Sometimes I wonder what the point is, yes I want to be healthy, but why do I work my butt off when I am not seeing any changes! The scale and the measuring tape… NOT MOVING. MY PHOTOS LOOK THE SAME!” And then… bam Someone tells me that I look different, and then I see it in the photos. Not only that, I realize that I am faster, stronger, I jump higher, I can do more pushups, and my muscles are growing and I am getting leaner. 2 Years ago I had this thought: “Dang, 2 years seems soooo long from now, I cannot wait to get there, I want the results now!!” Enjoy the process! Enjoy the feeling of seeing small, consitent changes every 6 months! All of sudden in one year you’re going to be in shock at how good you feel and look!

Take it from someone who has been on this journey for 2 years, from 200 lbs to 138 lbs and “built” (as my husband calls me): DONT STOP NOW!! Just imagine where you will be if you just kept going. Imagine where you will be 6 months from now! Your body will make changes no matter what! Often they will be subtle, and you wont notice! Often they will be huge and you will spend a full 20 minutes in the mirror going “dang I look good” .

You deserve it! Just focus on the feeling of being healthy and those endorphines you get from a workout. The changes will happen naturally!374545_10203503086359264_118877682537589055_n





You are a direct product of the thoughts that you put out into the universe. You are a direct product of your attitude. You attract YOU… so if you are starting your day in a stinky mood, living negatively, and putting negativity out here… that is what you will attract and it will be an endless cycle!! Switch your mind set! Think in the way that you want life to be like. That simple “Turn your frown upside down” is so silly, but true! If you want to attract positivity, start by changing YOU!

List 10 thoughts that you have about yourself and life that are negative, and research a few personal development books that would help to improve that part of your life! You are not YOUR HABITS! Everyone can change their habits!