Insanity Day 12 Diary Update!

“Just get up and move. Laying here all morning won’t help your situation”
I wanted so badly to just lay in bed and do nothing today. These last few days have been exhausting, mentally and physically. Usually when I am tired and and emotionally drained, eating goes out the window. I have very little energy today. I did what I could. It was not perfect. It was not pretty, but I got up and I moved.
I struggled with depression and anxiety in the past and I have learned that fitness is the best therapy for emotional pain.

I know that Bill wouldn’t want me to stop all of the things that I do because I feel bad about him being gone, so I pulled it together and gave what I could. I feel much better today.

Insanity max 30 has kept me accountable in these last few days. If it were not for the 30 minute workouts I would not workout right now. Working that hard in a work in 30 minutes though helps you to feel emotions. To let out anger and stress. It has been a life saver!

Insanity Max 30 will be released very soon!