Insanity Max 30 Day 1


I am so thrilled!! Yours truly was selected to be a test group participant in the new Beachbody Insanity Max 30 Test Group! Okay let me pre- face this with… I DETEST CARDIO, AND ESPECIALLY HIIT/ MAX INTERVAL TRAINING. Feeling your heart pump out of your chest, and sweat in your eyes is not for me. I am more like a lazy cat! I like to lift weights, eat, lay around, lift more weights. I get a little cardio burn in my lift, but really nothing like HIIT training. NOT FOR 30 MINUTES!!


So today was day one of my experience with the program. I prepared all of my food last night!! (I cannot share with you specific recipes or what I am eating, but I will once the program is released. I enjoyed my last hoorah on Saturday and last night. Yep I ate boritos, chimichungas, margaritas, pizza (I know I am not spelling half of that stuff right! I never eat like that!! But I decided that I would treat myself one last time! For this test group, we must be on point for 2 months! No cheat meals, not treats, no wine, no beer… wahhhh!! But  I know it will be worth it! I am so excited to get my body back to where it was this summer with Inanity Max 30! After my NPC Bikini competition I was a little burnt out on cardio and no cheat meals.



Come on people… this girl likes to eat! Its especially challenging being married to someone who loves to eat as well! But I am ready. I stepped on stage at 13% body fat. I expect to be around 15% body fat when I am done with this competition. That is my goal!!!

10389252_10205096559035085_2704189023327636343_nSo how did day 1 go? Well I maxed out at 8 Minutes. I was out of breath, and I felt like I was going to puke. I am not trying to be over dramatic here. I almost puked. It took a lot for me to hold it back in! I had to really use some positive self talk to get myself through that workout. I was tired, and the time change got to our little family. I had to get up super early, get Scarlett to school and get my butt going! I never workout in the morning! I always workout around 11-12 PM. Today was a challenge for sure. There were certain moved that make all the liquid in my belly come up! Yuck! Shaun T is so supportive and so sweet! He really does a great job of pushing you and motivating you in this workout. He says that it is totally fine to MAX out!! I didn’t feel like such a failure maxing out at 8 minutes!! Shaun says its fine! So I took my little break. Wrote down my time, sipped water and I got back in the game!!

A couple of tips for HIIT like this!


Don’t chug your water before hand

Don’t chug your water during!


When jumping up and down like this you tend to really toss water around and it can make you sick. Especially when you are MAXING OUT!!


A few more tips

Don’t eat to much before your workout!

Eat after!!

Keep your room well ventilated. You do not want to over heat.

Sip your water slowly!