Insanity Max 30 Week 3 Day 4

I shared a story on my timeline today about drinking and emotional eating, and I wanted to relate it to prepping for a competition.

2.5 years ago I weighed 200 lbs and I used food as a release. To me… it was better than sex. I would turn to drinking as a way to numb rather than deal with shit head on. This week has been well… F*CKED UP. Really its been awful. It was terrible timing with the start of prep for my April show. It has been a very long time since I wanted to run to a bar and eat and drink myself into obvlivion. Last night I started to plan my escape. Last night I told my husband that I wanted to go and just pig out.

When I was 200 Lbs I was also very depressed, and did not like myself. I abused my body. I knew that if I wanted a change at all, I needed to get right in my mind. I started to read self help books and I learned very quickly that WE HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE OUR THINKING. We have the power to stop the thoughts in our mind and replace them with thoughts that serve us. When it comes to eating, this is major. Last night I stopped myself and I almost started to cry. I was desperate for a release. It was like a drug fix that I needed. I replaced my thoughts. I got in my face by taking off my clothes and looking the mirror. I saw how beautifully healthy my body looked. I saw the sacrifice I have put in. I saw how much healthier and I happier I am today.

I popped a piece of gum in my mouth, drank some herbal tea, kissed my husband and I went to bed. This morning I killed my workout, and made it out alive.

So when it comes to dieting. You have the power to decide. You have the power to replace old thoughts with new ones. You have the ability to gain strength. Through my last prep I learned to remove emotion from eating. I learned that you do not need to pig out and drink your face off to have fun. This is why I LOVE BODY BUILDING AND THIS PROCESS. You grow into someone new.

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