Insanity Max 30 Week 8 !!! How to battle the late night hunger pangs!


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I am approaching the very last week of my Insanity Max 30 journey! I have such an amazing journey with this program and I am excited to share with you all the fun things I Have learned along the way! I have grown to really love this program. I have gained so much muscle, I have gained so much cardio endurance, and I have gained a true love for maxing out!!!



So here are my honest emotions going through these last few weeks:


I am hungry all the time! During the day it isn’t so bad, but at night, I am very very hungry at night! I get shakey, and I can tell my body is very ready to eat more! I am following the 1200-1450 calorie bracket, but since I am so active with my little girl outside of my workouts, I had decided to add 100-300 extra calories per day. I opted to do this because I did not want to hurt my metabolism, I wanted to be able to finish this program without giving up, and I wanted to be able to push harder in my workouts to acquire more strength! So here is what I suggest if you are in the same position as me! You get to 8 pm and you are starrrrrrvinggg… grab yourself a bag of GNC Wheyabolic protein powder! Just one scoop with water should do the trick. It is 90 calories for 1 scoop. I drink it about 2 hours before bed, and I usually have no issue falling asleep. If you find that this is still not enough for you (which I find that it isnt) I add a little bit of fat in the mix! I will eat a teaspoon of peanut butter, or a hand full of almonds. Be very careful though, this can really add up fast.




also remember to chug your water! Go for 1 gallon a day!


Drink herbal tea to calm your tummy at night! Also tried carbonated water to fill your belly!


This is Wheybolic Extreme 60! I use the all  natural sweetened one. Stevia is much better for you than Sucrolose (which is what most Protein powders are sweetened with. Studies have shown that mice who were give sucrolose were 70% more likely to have cancer… just saying)



So you are probably wondering WHY? Well it is important to see what each type of food does for you body! Proteins help to repair your hungry muscles, and lean proteins do not add fat to your body. Carbohydrates provide your body with energy. You simply do not need carbohydrates before bed! Your body really doesn’t need the carbohydrates because most of the time you are just sitting around chilling and winding down! SO it is best to use your calories wisely and put them to good use! Protein lasts longer in your belly, repairs muscles and satiates you! This is the most affective things to do at night! Fats also give you all natural energy and satiates you, but also does not add fats to your body because you are not eating fats with Carbohydrates! Carbohydrates act as a travel agent to your fats to go to your muscles. If you do not have carbohydrates in the mix…. you cannot sweep fats to your muscles! Voila! There you have it! That is the science in a nutshell for you!

Also, make sure your last meal of the day is a slow releasing protein! Casien is what is found in beef protein! It takes your body a lot longer to digest Casien!! So this will keep you fuller longer!!

It is not okay to feel totally run down, exhausted, starving and emaciated! So you need to listen to your body! If you find you are un able to push in a workout, that is because you just need more calories to help you push!!!

I am learning all of these things through my journey and I love it!!!


So how am I doing pushing play every day!? Well I am getting stronger. I am maxing out far later in the workouts! I am really able to do far more pushups and lunges. I am also jumping higher!