It does not need to be perfect, I just needs to happen


I show you this photo to show you how real I am lol. This is what a typical workout in my home looks like lol!! I usually sleep in past my alarm, and I usually get interrupted by a crying, baby when I workout in the morning. My workouts are often stellar and awesome, and some are just like this. Me, moving around while handing toys to my daughter and keeping her distracted. My husband was even nice enough to get out of bed and try to keep her entertained. Did my workout only last 30  minutes? Yep. Did I get interrupted and have to hold my daughter every 5 minutes, yep, did I have to stop the dvd player constantly, yep, did I have to tell my daughter 10 times that “this is mommy time”, yep! I don’t feel bad about it. This is life! So I did not get through my entire workout, and I did not burn that many calories, but I did get moving and I did make the effort. I do not feel bad distracting my daughter and giving her toys to play with while I workout. I don’t feel bad putting the TV on to distract her. I don’t feel bad using food to distract her. I focus on my daughter the rest of the day, she will need to learn that this is Mommy time and that I need this time to be a better Mama to her! She gets angry and she throws a fit, but I make sure her diaper is dry and there is food in her belly and I ignore her for 20-30 minutes or distract her. She will learn to appreciate her healthy, fit, happy mom and one day live a healthy, fit and happy life herself!


Don’t let your kids be your excuse, let them be your reason. I could have thrown in the towel for sure! Trust me I wanted to, but I did my push-ups and planks around her and sang her songs, I danced with her while doing my cardio and gave her kisses while she played. My workout is a non negotiable. What about you?