It’s Not Going to Be Easy, But it Will be Worth it

I woke up this morning and wanted nothing more than to just stay in bed. I guess you can call it a case off the Monday’s. I slowly got out of bed like a zombie and I laced up my shoes in the dark, drank my pre workout formula and I got downstairs and I got cracking on my workout. I immediately started to find excuses as to why I should quit. I was sore, tired, my back hurt, I wanted to just throw in the towel. I even got upset with  myself that I was out of gasoline to push hard. Then I hear by baby girl crying and I knew I had slept to long. So there was my failing body, and the fact that I let myself down when I woke up late. I could have let that all snow ball into a down ward spiral of self doubt and decided to just give up on this whole fitness thing right there. Its to dang hard to go through all of these emotions! It to hard to feel uncomfortable, tired, and stressed out to get it done. I ran upstairs, picked up the baby, gave her a snack. I let her watch  me do my last 10 minutes of P90x3. She was wining, and pulling at me, but I got it done.

I felt accomplished and I immediately felt less stressed about the day ahead of me. I was totally upset with myself at first, but I pushed through and I did it. I want all of you to know that if you see someone out there int he world that is fit, and just super awesome at their sport… there is probably a back story. They probably put in a lot of hard work and effort. They probably put in a lot of sacrifice and time. I am not saying I am amazing at fitness or whatever, but I am working at it! A lot of people have said to me “You are just fit and it comes easy to you!” Oh my goodness this is the furthest thing from the truth! I smoked cigarettes for 7 years, and I did not workout for nearly 2 years! I ate like crap for most of my adult life. I used eating as my stress relief, not fitness. Finally I was faced with the person I had become, and I knew that the way I was living my life was not healthy and that I wanted to be here for my little girl for as long as I can be, so I am going to bust my butt to be the best, healthiest mom that I can be! So 18 months ago I got started, and I am getting closer and closer to my goals with health and fitness. THIS DOES NOT COME EASY TO ME. NO WAY! So think twice when you judge someone and say “they must just have it easy.” I struggle daily with accountability and results.

This fitness thing is not easy! But it does not have to be impossible! This is about lifestyle changes and really make it work for you. That is why doing a 30 minute daily home workout and changing WHAT you eat as opposed to how much you eat is the answer to success!!


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