Join The P90x Test Group With me December 10th!

We are talking about 30 minute a day here people!!

I am looking for 10 people who have 20 plus lbs to loose! The release of p90x3 will be on December 10th 2013. This program has been designed to help challengers shred major body fat, gain muscle, and do it all under 30 minutes a day. Because this is a brand new program, you will be some of the first people to do it! I need commited challengers who will see themselves all the way to the finish line.

I want to see what sort of crazy results that we can get together as a group, so that I can continue to share this program with my future challengers! Here is the basic premise:

-p90x3 30 minutes a day for 90 days!
-a customized meal plan to fit muscle gains and fat loss
-A dense dose of daily nutrition Shakeology. To speed up fat loss, and keep your body functioning at its best.
-a group of 9 other ladies on this journey with you! These women will be your partners in this. They will not let you fail…
-AND GUESS WHAT!! Your coach will be doing the program right along with you! I have done P90x two times and I am so excited to do 3!!!

**** If you are the first 5 to reserve your spot you will receive $50 discount on the total package!!! THATS RIGHT GUYS! The challenge pack is normally $205 !!! If you reserve with me you will pay $155 for ALL OF THIS !!1398456_10202623924820775_1227687346_o