LADIES Weight Lifting Won’t Make You HUGE



When I started out on my fitness journey 2 years ago I did a ton of cardio! I ran, I did intervals, I did the elliptical, you name it! I lost 70 lbs with this tactic (of course staying in a daily calorie deficit with my eating and focusing on eating a clean balanced diet)! I lifted weights here and there but it was never my focus. Well, the cardio and no resistance training showed clear as day in my photos! I looked like a deflated balloon. I had very little muscle definition, and was very weak. I lost a great deal of curviness and did not have the round shape I was looking for.




Sure I was in pretty decent shape. I was at a healthy weight, but I was not to thrilled that my booty deflated and my legs had no shape! (This was 18 months ago). So I got busy researching and looking to the fitness pro’s and models. How on earth did they achieve such gorgeous definition, roundness and leanness…

Weight lifting and the proper nutrition!!


I picked up the program Body Beast…


and I got busy finding my inner beast! I followed the program to a T. I also implemented some glute and hamstring workouts I found online. I upped my weights to always max out on my last rep. I followed the nutrition guide to a T! Once I finished the program I saw some big changes!


The first pink bikini photo is after Body Beast. The black sports bra photo is after Insanity. The second pink bikini photo is after changing my diet to fit the necessary macro nutrients to sustain muscle, and lose fat (cutting diet. A great resource to find what your macro nutrients and calorie needs are for cutting body fat is I continued to lift heavy in the gym and I started to do more dead lifts and squats at the squat rack.



As you can see I made some serious changes in my shape from lifting as heavy as I could in all areas of my body! For my competition preparation I  continued to lift heavy and I implemented  HIIT training to lean out (3-4 days a week 20-40  minutes) (and the proper nutrition for fat loss) and here is what you get! A tight, firm, curvey package! So as you can see through my journey I have shrunk in size according to the measuring tape, but I am actually lighter in weight in the second progress shot compared to my weight when I competed in an NPC competition! Weight lifting wont make you big and bulky unless you eat and train in a specific way over a long period of time to get more bulk and even then you wont become a huge beast. Women do not carry enough testosterone to increase in muscle mass at the speed and rate that men do. Sure I have muscles, and definition when I flex, but when I lay my arms flat, they look lean, smooth, firm, and curvy. I get compliments all the time on my muscle tone, and I always say “pick up heavy things and put them back down again!”

Of course if you want the muscle definition and curviness you need to match your efforts in the gym with your efforts in the kitchen. You need to make a commitment to eating the right things to make the changes you’re looking for. Lifting alone will only take you so far… your eating has to be on point as well.


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