Loving Yourself


Remember to love yourself today! Forget the people who doubt you, hate on what you are passionate about. God created you how you are for a specific reason. Your talents, your creativity is waiting to be unleashed and appreciated by many! I used to spend so much energy and time caring what other people thought. Those fears and that energy took away from who I was meant to be. It stole me of my joy for life and my happiness on this planet.

Make it a point to take care of you for at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it be a workout, doing your nails, taking a bath, reading a book. Do something that YOU ENJOY. Through focusing on doing what you ENJOY you may uncover your life’s purpose, what you were created for. While you’re at it refer to this photo and the first part of this post. Doing what you love and going after your dreams will make the world around you very uncomfortable. Im sure I make many people uncomfortable by talking about chasing my dreams everyday… hence why I have had many people close to me delete me as a friend on Facebook. Focus on what you can control: YOU.