Meal Plan May 24th-30th! A energized and balanced approach!


Not everyone is interested in weight loss, or you might just be interestsed in learning healthier habits without restricting yourself to the point of desperation! What do I mean by that? I find that if I restrict myself for to long or I jump into a diet to strong and I do not allow myself a panned for treat/ cheat meal and clean healthy desserts, I end up binging and gaining my weight back!! Below I have put together a meal plan for the active, busy, fitness conscious woman who is looking to feel good, energized, maybe shed some lbs, or gain some muscle, or just get a jump start on fitness in an approachable way that is not to over whelming!! This is the way I eat when I am working to maintain my weight! I allow myself 2 scheduled cheat meals, but I do not over do it! I allow myself a clean healthy dessert daily, and I eat an abundance of fruit, veggies and protein. I also allow myself 2 glasses of wine and a piece of dark chocolate a week. This meal plan helps me to stay sane, stay fit, and stay energized! If you are someone who is fighting to lose the last 10 LBS this may not be the plan for you, you may require something far more strict, but if you are just looking for a Clean balanced meal plan for the week here you go! Here is my suggestion and your meal plan to use if you would like! I have also provided all of the necessary recipes!!


You will want to make double the size of salmon (this is assuming you are only prepping this for yourself), clean turkey chilli, and you can make the crock pot roast for the entire family. Heck if your family is totally open to it you can prep enough for the entire family!! There is a lot of grab and go in the morning. This meal plan should be very easy and fun to follow!! Enjoy!! Remember this isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle!!

a balanced approach


Pumpkin Protein Bars:

Miso Salmon:

Turkey Chilli (consume 1 cup for proper portion) :

fruit salad dessert:



Cheat meals: Please be very very conscious of how your belly feels when eating! Stop when you are full. Try to limit yourself to a slice and do not cut back on your other meals during the day! You should not show up to your cheat meal starving! And you should not leave stuffed! This is a treat, not a gorge fest! You get plenty of treats and food the rest of the day! This is for your sanity, but you do not want to eat so much that you feel it the next day! Remember the goal is balanced, healthy, and happy… not balanced, bloated, stuffed, and then balanced again.




If you are on a serious weight loss mission and are seeking something more dialed with your fitness and nutrition please email and I will connect you with more information about my Hot Mommas Trim Down Program!!


Follow these principles for portion control: