Meal Prep Mania

Now that this momma is back in the work force full time (outside of my career in health and fitness), I have dubbed Sunday’s meal prep day. I refuse to let my work week get in the way of my family eating clean and healthy. So here are some tips, and recipes that got me to Monday with a full happy fridge…

So… it aint pretty. My kitchen looked like a tornado went through it. I am still working on a full proof system and cutting my time down to 3 hours. I don’t really want to spend my entire day cooking and cleaning. I only get 2 days off a week (if that) and I cherish them. There was a lot of mayhem in this kitchen. Even for small families I suggest a helper/assembly line of people to get you to the finish line. I had my husband. I assigned him with many tasks. He was a great sport.












We choose foods and recipes that were clean, easy and able to freeze. We did one freezer meal for later in the week. The rest of the food went into the fridge.

1. Roasted honey lime chicken wings

2. Clean Mexican sheaperds pie

3. Clean Rice and mushroom Casserole

4. Jared Cobb Salad

5. Sausage and Egg Casserole

6. Quinoa shrimp salad

I will be featuring each recipe here on my blog throughout the week!

Here are a few tools that you will need to ensure that you can successfully meal prep.

1. Large enough freezer and fridge space.

2. Several Casserole dishes

3. Press and seal wrap and foil

4. 14 large mason jars.

5. hands on deck

On Saturday night Eric (my husband) and I forfeited any chance of seeing a movie and trucked to the grocery store. I prepared all of my recipes from various cook books/ personal experience. I created extensive shopping lists so that I could blast my way through the grocery store. In and out in 30 minutes was the plan. It was a packed house, and I am not a fan of crowds.

It is also important to have some go to snack items on your list. Things that are high in protein and nutrition. We grabbed 14 greek yogurts, 1 bag of trail mix (salt and sugar free), turkey beef jerky, a bag of carrots, various fruits, and almond butter. These are easy grab and go snacks.

Once we returned home from the store we placed all of our items in the refrigerator according to recipe. This way we can grab them out of the fridge Sunday afternoon and GO!

We took a few breaks throughout our cooking journey. To tend to the baby, and to get our workout in. Non the less it consume our entire day, but I will be very thankful this week when I wont have to do any cooking!

Please take not that the clock says 9:00 pm. I was very tired, and over it! But it got done. Like I said before, I will be posting the recipes from Yesterday throughout the week. Stay tuned and happy meal prepping!