Motivational Monday- Food Addiction

Alright its Motivational Monday. Watch this and please enjoy my sexy moves.

Getting addicted to how food makes you feel physically rather than emotionally… that is a challenge but oh so worth it. You have got to talk to yourself. You have to say in your mind “remember how gross you feel after that burger” “remember how gross you feel after that bucket of popcorn.” As you progress in your fitness and health journey, nasty foods start to become less and less appealing. Until your body has cleansed itself of its cravings, you have to talk to yourself about what you wont put in your mouth. Here is what I say “Dear Anita, if you eat that giant burrito and drink more than 2 beers, you will feel like a bloaty farty mess, and you wont have sex with your husband for like two days. Its not worth it.” BAM Half of a burrito and 1 beer later, I am a sprite happy, and still feeling sexy wife. REAL TALK!  You know what I am talking about right? So do yourself a favor and make some healthy choices for yourself!