Music Matters when it comes to fitness

I am no brain expert (I do have a degree in psychology, but it is pretty much useless when it comes to my day to day) I do however have a few years of dance experience under my belt. 16 years to be exact. I danced ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap. Let me tell you what, dancing with no music stinks. It is no fun! We would practice to counts when we would prepare for a show. We would do that to ensure that we were in sync with one another. You would not see the emotions of the other dancers and myself until you put that music on. We danced harder, we danced with more emotion, and it looked much better. The same applies to your workouts. When you are running, or weight lifting, the music you listen to makes a major difference. This may be elementary but you really need to think about it. If you put in a little extra time into your play list, you may get a better workout in. If you build a play list of songs that get you pumped up I promise you, you will put more into you workout. The music will energize you, take

your mind away from distractions, and it will even calm the brain down. I have comprised a list of current tracks that really get my blood flowing and puts me a damn good mood. They may be a bit goofy, but they work for me.

1. Numb- Usher


2. Hello- Karmin

3. Die Young- Kesha

4. All Around the World Justin Bieber

5. C’mon- Kesha (I know… she i

s a hot

mess, but her music is so catchy)

6. Breathing- Jason Derulo

7. Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris

8. Don’t stop the Party- Pit Bull

9. Bobby Brown-Every little step

10. Blown Away- Carried Underwood


So there is some variation here, and they are all super catchy tunes. Obviously I am into cheesy electronic music. Don’t worry, your coach has good taste in music when it comes to just chilling at home. But when it comes to pumping iron in the gym, or running out side, I need music that puts me in a cheesy up beat mood. When Pumping iron in the gym, and running…you sort of feel cheesy right? Like “everyone is staring at me because I look out of place and awkward” But when you put your ear buds in and you put on Eye of the Tiger… and you zone everything out, you start to feel a bit like Arnold.