My 15 Stars. The Leaders of The Inspire Empire


This Jacket!! It finally came in the mail from corporate Beachbody yesterday and Brenda Fields, Scarlett and I tore into it and did a photo shoot!For those of you in the Beachbody world you know what this WHITE JACKET and shirt represents! There are only 30 coaches out of 300,000 coaches in the network to rock one of these bad boys and I feel so completely honored to have one!! Its totally un real to say that I am a 15 Star Diamonds Coach/ Super Star Diamond Coach!! 

Most importantly this Jacket allows me to wear on my sleeve a star that represents the leaders on my team who mean the world to me and are some of my absolute best friends!!

Common denominator amongst my Diamonds:
Hearts of Gold. Loving. See the Best in People. Dreamers and Doers. I love you all so much. Please read!!

Cristina Jones: My best friend. My very first Diamond. You and I have been besties since middle school and that is epically sacred. I am so happy you joined me in this “Pyramid scheme” wink emoticon JK!! I am so happy that we get to share this amazing passion for Beachbody together!! I love you so much <33



Stephanie Wenzel: You trusted me in this amazing business right from the get go and boy were you ever a little skeptical at first, but once you got going you were rocking!! You are an incredible coach and your team adores you!! Congratulations and look at what you have provided for your little baby girl!! Added freedom and a Mamma who can be around more!! I remember when you won those weighted gloves!! You were all in and dedicated to keep on winning!! am blessed that you are a Star Diamond Leader on this team!!


Tara Jayne Brown: You stuck through talking to me during my first Summit. You trusted in me and you didn’t really know for sure where this was going to take us, but you strapped in for the ride and we went for it!! Your passion, your drive, it drives me every day!! The look in your eyes that you gave me on the first Success Club Cruise… I knew right then and there we were on to something special!! I love you and your beautiful family! Thank you for all that you do for this team. I am blessed that you are a Star Diamond Leader on this team!!



Jamie Hanse: My yoda. My calm. My yin to my yang. I know that no matter what I can be totally real and myself with you and you will be totally real with me. No matter what you show me love and zero judgment. NO matter what you are there for me. You are not only a truly incredible friend, but you inspire me every day to be a better coach. I have watched you and Ains from day one and I stand back in awe of you. You’re fierce. You’re incredible and I am blessed that you are a Star Diamond Leader on this team!!


Shelley Hobbs: Do you ever drive me to work harder. You absolutely keep me on my toes. “Shelly’s up and working, dang I had better get my act together and show up to wink emoticon”. You saw the vision right away and you ran with it. To see where you are now in this business it floors me. You are moving at lightening speed. Tom looked at me in Cancun and said “Shelley is going to retire me next year! I might be able to leave my job!” Look at what you are doing girl. You’re changing lives and you’re setting your family up for epic freedom. My First 6 figure earning coach!! I am a proud Mamma bear. Thank you for being an epic Star Diamond Leader on this team!! I am watching you and just totally blown away.



Wendy Winkel: Incredibly independent and taking this business by storm!! You drive me to be better. To be a better leader. You also really bring light to my day. Every day I go to your facebook to find some giggles and fun!! You really do balance out my seriousness and you don’t even know it!! You are one of the most consistent and awesome leaders on our team!! Thank you for being a Star Diamond Leader and I am so thankful for you.


Jill Gorby: My Jilly Bean!! You are the biggest sweet heart!! Heart of gold. I absolutely love working with you and you make this business so much fun. I can tell you anything. I can be totally me with you and you just laugh and give me the most humble and sound advice. I am blessed to call you a coach on my team but more importantly I am blessed to call you my very good friend. You are so thoughtful, I know I have much to continue to learn from you.



Anna Green: My Anna Banana!! I still wear my Dream necklace all the time. You are also one of the most thoughtful, caring, loving people I know. With a huge heart you put other before you. That is your biggest gift, and I hope you always hold on to that. People feel so warm and at ease around you. I loved spending time with you in Cancun. Your heart is gold and genuine and i am so thankful to call you a leader on my team!! I will never forget you at Summit helping that security guy get his workout in. Such a special moment.




Danielle Gwilliam: My love all the way from Canada. Boy did I ever hit the jack pot when I signed into My Fitness Pal that day and you wanted to talk to me about Chalean Extreme. You are a serious rock star, and an incredible friend. You’re gorgeous from the inside out and you light up my day every time I talk to you!! You were nervous about this business at first, but now look at you. You have come so far!! I see so many Stars for you in the future. I had so much fun rooming with you at Summit last year and spending time with you and Michelle in Cancun. You make me laugh and you’re just so fun to be around!! Your spirit lights up a room! You Glow!!

Bree Holland: You are so much fun but also so so driven. You really do remind me of myself when I first got started in this business. I love working with you because you wear your heart on your sleeve every day. You have a kind and caring spirit and are quick to help someone in need. You are not only a top producer on the team, but you help others on the team achieve success even when it doesnt benefit you… that shows your heart right there!! You are full of GRACE AND LOVE!! I loved watching your journey to Diamond. You fought blood sweat and tears but you locked it in in the face of all of the downs and ups. Now you are just killing it and on track to do big big things!!!


Brittany VanOstran: You are also someone who is so full of love and caring!! You help others and think of others first always. You are genuine… as real as they come. You have no problem telling all of us how it truly is and we appreciate that through and through. You are one of my best friends and I know that I can come to you and be real and never feel afraid of what you might say to me. You are authentic, and realistic and I love that about you. You are fierce and don’t you forget that!!



Kendra K Nicole McMurphy: Ahhhh you have very quickly become one of my greatest friends. You also remind me of me when I first got started in this business. You know exactly what you want and you are on a mission. You have a heart of gold and dreams so big they fill the sky. I love listening to you talk because you ignite those dreams back up in me. I leave all of our conversations floating on cloud 9. I leave all of our conversations ready to dream again. You restore my faith when things get tough! I have so much fun with you. You see the absolute best in every person you meet. You find things to love about people rather than to find things to hate. That is a quality that most people do not have.




Andrea McNair: When you first joined the team I was like who is this girl!! WOA!! You are killing it and totally so driven and motivated. You are focused, smart and savvy!! I love working with you because you also see the best in people and are so positive. You are Up lifting, gorgeous and fun!! I cannot wait to continue this journey with you and watch you fly!! We will finally meet in Nashville and I cannot wait!! It is a long time coming… like a year!?!? Yeeep I am so excited for you and your family. You are going to kill it in this biz!! We have a mission ahead of us so lets goo!!



Heather Tucker: You make me want to be a better leader. Where I struggle you balance me out! Where I drop the ball, you call me out and let me know how it is! I value that and appreciate you. You also have a heart of gold and are so easy to work with. You are really an incredible student and coach. Your coaches love you and so does your following. You wear your heart on your sleeve and are always true to who you are. You never stop to question your integrity, your worth, your value, who you truly are. You are incredible and I absolutely adore you. I am so thankful that we are on this mission together. I really enjoyed every minute of Cancun with you. I admit I was nervous to meet yah because we had never met before, but you were exactly how I thought you would be… KIND, SWEET, GENTLE, AND CARING. You are an inspiration to everyone who follows you and I am excited to see you continue to grow.


Lauren Ward: Girrrrl when you came into my life in January I just knew knew knew you would be a Diamond and beyond coach. I said to Eric… this would actually be my 15!! I know this girl is going to kill it!! So you signed up and bam you took off running. Your beautiful spirit, your sweet personality lights up my day. You are an incredible student and I cannot wait to see you continue to grow. I loved that you came to our home with a binder full of BB stuff all laminated!! You were ready to go!! Without a doubt ready to dominate!! I was so impressed by you and instantly had a girl crush on you!! <333 Lets keep going, we’re just getting started okay!!!



Mona Brown: Kentucky Fried fitness wink emoticon with a heart of gold. I absolutely love working with you. You’re just this incredible friend, kind gentle spirit and a ton of fun!! I love doing team calls with you because you get me fired up!! I see how excited you look, your pen taking notes, your eyes as wide as can be. I see that and It gives me the fuel to keep training from the heart! When I met you I told Eric that you were something special, and he agreed. The way you love your boys, the way you love your coaches, and the way you love this business… infectious. I am honored to be a part of your journey. You and Sandi are on to big things and I am just so proud. You make this business fun. I look forward to spending more time with you in Nashville. I wanna soak up every minute that I can.



Jamie Ereth: My Cali coach who I can never get on the phone but we some how manage to kill it together in this business. I remember the first time you achieved success club. You texted me and you said you were going to do this for you and your little girl. You are consistent and hard working. Your WHY is huge and it gives me chills. I so enjoy watching your journey and I cannot wait to spend some time with you in Nashville and finally meet you!! You totally rock!! I am so happy for you and your new relationship. You’re glowing.



Katie Myers: You are my newest Diamond… and epic epic epic. Let me see here: 20 weeks pregnant, still practicing in your bikini for your future competitions, SC20, SC40, SC25? and Diamond in under 90 Days. I am still trying to catch up. This pregnant chick comes on my team and becomes the top producer, and a Diamond before I can catch my breath. I am super excited to get to know you better in due time. You are doing big things and really inspiring people. Your passion and love for this business is oozing. You are an incredible student, and are just blowing me away!! I cannot wait to finally meet you soon, and to give you a big hug!! You deserve all of this success!!


Ivy Hoyt you and I are just now getting to know one another and I like to think you were a little gift from the lord after a few nights of prayer about you smile emoticon You are a fierce Mom of 5, with a baby on the way, yet you are absolutely killing it in your business! You inspire me daily with how you keep it all together and I could not be more proud of you. Your heart is huge, and your energy is through the roof! I am honored to be on this journey with you!!11350451_10153325195982867_726928450481836856_n

And last I would also like to say thank you to my upline sponsor Leslie Merriman Kortes and the corporate team Beachbody for really being such a huge support in this journey !!