My 21 Day Fix Extreme Kick off! Meal Planner Included!


So this week I kicked off round 1 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme!! I am beyond excited to see my results and fee amazing in my bikini in Cancun (Count down begins 6.5 weeks!!).


After completing Insanity Max 30, this Mamma took a couple of vacations and her eating got way out of hand! I had a great time, and enjoyed lots of wine and delicious food! But now I feel very ready to to tighten back up and feel awesome in my bikini in Cancun!

The workouts have been a blast so far. I love that 21 Day Fix Extreme kicks your butt, but does so in under 30 minutes. Monday kicked off with PLYO Fix Extreme and today I conquered Upper Fix Extreme. My shoulders were straight up Jello by the time that thing was threw!

Today my legs were so sore which is amazing because they have no been sore in months!! I am not sure if it was because I had not taken days off in a while? I took 4 days off from working out to give my body a break and bam… I was sore when I got started back up again. So far I have been a little bit hungry and totally cravings foods at night, but I know that is my body adjusting! I intend on doing a calorie bracket higher than the program says I should do. I do not have a lot of weight to lose, I just want to tight up and lose some excess bloat. I am very happy with where my body is, and do not want to lose much more body fat. I will do 1500-1700 calories this round and then move down to 1400 calories in my very last round leading up to Cancun.




Below is a 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal plan guide that you can use to create your own meal plan. I also included the meal plan that I will follow this week so that you can grab ideas!!! Feel free to use both!!

anita's 21 day fix meal plan round 1`

My challenge groups are yielding some incredible results. My challengers are seeing inches fall off! Support is very necessary when on a fitness journey!


If you are interested in joining my 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Group please email! with your goals!