Fitness Apparel on a Budget!

So I love to shop!! Its just in my blood! I don’t need super high quality expensive things (while that is nice and trust me I love my Louis!! You can find some incredible things on the cheap cheap!!). I am a bargain shopper and always will be. I get a super duper high from finding a killer deal on Fitness apparel!!


fitness apare

ABOVE IS TJ MAXX $20 for entire outfit.

I receive compliments daily on my fitness apparel and I am asked all the time where I get my things! Well I don’t just get these things from one particular place. Here is my list of where I get my fitness apparel starting from the least expensive on up!!

1. Old Navy Clearance and regular Fitness Rack!!


$9 for entire outfit




unknown price

3. TJ Maxx!!!

4. Target Clearance Rack!!

$15 for entire outfit



5. Dick Sporting Goods Clearance Rack

It doesn’t get super duper good until right at Black Friday… then its reaallly good!


$24 for entire outfit



6. Arie in the mall!!


$13 for entire outfit.




7. My Fave … Join Team Beachbody, become a coach, do your thang and earn success and earn clothes like this!!!


10670050_10204863246002405_5314160473551860810_n select shop, select fitness apparel for some awesome Beachbody Gear!

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