My Final 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse Results and Review

Please check out: to read about my reasons for doing the Shakeology cleanse and my first 24 day results and experience


Here are my first 24 hours results!

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Here are my 3 day results.

It took me 18 months to finally decide to do The Shakeology Cleanse. I love to eat eat eat clean foods, and I love to kick ass in the gym. Both of these things you cannot do during the Shakeology cleanse. I did not want to miss out on a single day of my new lifestyle, BUT new (or should I say old) habits were starting to creep back in hard core! We were eating out more, drinking more, and I was making poor eating decisions. Not to mention the Holidays. Due to the fact that I was on a bulking program with Body Beast for the last 2 months I had gained a substantial amount of weight and bloat from that as well. I was aiming for a 2,200 calorie intake. I was feeling weighed down, tired, bloated, and backed up. I had put on 9 lbs (mostly muscle), but I was so ready to lighten up and feel like my light energetic self. I was also experiencing issues with a rash on the back of my arms, and fogginess in my head. Through this experience I lost the bloat, got my digestion back in check , and the rash cleared up. I firmly believe that gluten was the culprit of my rash and bloat. I intend on reintroducing gluten free foods into my system to see if the rash continues to stay at bay and the bloating and digestive issues continue to clear up.

Here are the positives of the cleanse:

1. I love nearly 4 lbs

2. I feel lighter, more energized, and feel confident to tackle cleaner eating habits.

3. I got back in the gym and lifted heavier, and had more agility (my body must have healed)

4. Digestions is back on track and bloat is gone.

Here are the negatives:

1. I was hungry all the time. I believe that I have a lot of muscle on my body and it need to be fed, so I was in a constant state of hunger. I was grumpy all the time.

2. I was tired and exhausted

3. I was very weak.

4. oh did I mention I was freaking hungry all the time… HANGRY!!!

So, in conclusion, I will only ever do this cleanse again if I want to lean out for something such as a cruise 😉 or an event (only if I cannot lean out from clean eating). I would also do this again to reset my body. I don’t know if I would go right for the cleanse or just try to really clean up my eating and be more strict on that. I would say, GIVE IT A GO, at least once and see what you think!!