My First Year as a Beachbody Coach.

As of June 2013 I will have been a Team Beachbody Coach for 1 year! It has taken me a while to sit down to write this. I would start and then stop. Start and then stop. Never satisfied with what I had to say. I always thought that my story needed to be perfect, Looking back, there is perfection in imperfection. My one year story is perfect just for me. I cannot believe what this year has brought me. Most importantly my first year as a TBC brought me my baby girl Scarlett Ann. So cut to Day one! I was 2 months post pardem, and in search of the weight loss solution that would be stick. I had tried every stupid fad diet, and I was sick of trying things that did not work. I tell this story frequently and if you are a coach on my team you know this. I suffered from post pardem depression. It was mild at first. I was actually on Zoloft for a number of years, as I had some issues with it before. Anyway, this got pretty bad. New mom, recently left my job to be with my new baby, and some serious financial issues. Okay people, just a heads up… THIS WAS JUST OVER A YEAR AGO. Not to long.

Above is right after starting Chalean Extreme. This was right when I caught the coaching but!
My husband and I survived on less than a 40K annual income after I left my job. We weren’t very smart through my pregnancy. Did not save a dime. Over the previous year I watched my amazing Coach, mentor, and friend loose 55 lbs, and create a small business for herself. She had just achieved Diamond rank in her business. I was so inspired by her and moved by her journey. We had a similar story, and I wanted mine to continue in the direction that hers did! So I approached her about the whole bit! About her weight loss story and the biz opportunity. I figured why the heck not! Save some, maybe earn some?! So I dived into my program and Shakeology. Instantly had amazing results. My body was letting go of fat so fast, it was amazing. But that was not important to me. What was important…. the fact that I was getting healthy. That I was loving myself again. I felt great, and I craved shakeology and my workouts. So what do you think I did next? I SHOUTED IT TO THE WORLD LIKE SOMEONE WHO JUST FELL IN LOVE. I was in love. I wanted to help others experience the same passion and the same life altering event that took place in my life. Through it all I lost 60 lbs, and I ditched the Zoloft (no easy task trust me. It was like watching someone get off of heroine, Yikes)

 The passion that I felt must had been contagious because many of my friends and family were jumping on board. I am not a sales person, that is not what I do. Granted, I have a history in sales, that is not what this is all about. I share. I help people. I inspire and I motivate. People started to ask me about what I was doing. People noticed this massively positive change in me. On June 15th, 2012 I received my first Beachbody Pay check of $30. YIPEE! I was seriously on cloud nine with that. Anything extra was a great help. I put that towards buying some more shakeology to share with my friends. On June 30th I received my second paycheck $50! Awesome… a little extra money for something that I have a ton of fun doing! Ill take it. That continued for a while. On July 2nd I became an emerald coach and was super happy for the extra recognition. On August 30th, I received a $150 pay check and I was elated, and knew right then and there I found my calling. No this was not big bucks people! Not even close to the $1000 a week I was making at my last job, but what this was, was something major… this was money I was earning for something that did not feel like work. This was money for something that I loved doing. Working out, being healthy, sharing that story, and helping others experience the same thing. This money was all from retail sales. I dug deeper and saw the earning potential of building a team of other coaches who could inspire their friends and family as well. My reach can only go so far. I knew that I could make big things happen if I could teach other coaches to do what I was doing, and help them to help others. So I went to work to build my team. It did not happen over night. It took a few months to see the growth. In October I started to earn $150-$200 consistently from my retail sales and my team cycle bonus from my new team. At this time I also decided that I loved Chalene Johnson so much and that I loved Turbo Fire so much that I would get certified and start my own fitness class. I decided to make this class free and to hopefully touch as many lives as possible through this free class. (Cut to today, I have more than 20 students that come weekly and we have a blast).

Thats us! Turbo Kick Grand Rapids
Check out this amazing video of my class! NO I was not a fitness instructor before I became a coach. Coaching brought me to love this!
On February 1st I earned my first $500 pay check!!! This may sound silly but I would have kept going for the $200-300 paychecks per week. After all that is a part time income from home working for a couple of hours a day if that. Something about that $500 lit a serious fire under my rear. During this time I had decided to return to my old job. Something in me did not fully believe that I could take this biz a ton further faster. I went back and needless to say my heart was with Beachbody and my baby at home. It was pulling teeth getting me to go to my job. So I took that anger and frustration and I poured it into late nights working a couple of extra hours at my business. This was no easy task. I was at work full time, I had a fussy baby who was up at night, and I was trying to keep up with my own fitness journey. Within a month I was making $500 consistently a week and… I made it to Diamond Status as a coach. (sadly I could not really enjoy that because of the stress of my job) Within another month I was earning  $500-600 and in that month I was listed as a Top producer in challenge pack sales and within the 3rd month, I reached $700 consistently and decided that it was time to quite my job and to get 100% into my business. I quit two weeks before Beachbody Summit. Before going back to work, I committed to going to summit and taking in all that I could. That trip to summit, I cannot begin to tell you how motivated I was to absorb every bit of knowledge that I could possibly contain. I just quit my job (again) after all and I had to make this continue to grow. Summit was amazing. I brought one of my Amazing coaches with me Emily Brougham! And I went with some amazing coaches on my Sponsors team. We had a blast. We learned a tremendous about from some of the top leaders in this business. I took 1 million pages of notes I think. I documented every bit of knowledge that I could possible document. This was my first time to Las Vegas. We could have easily gone to the pool or to  a show. NO, we stayed put and we learned. We worked out with celebrity trainers,
From left to right: My sponsor and mentor Leslie Kortes, fellow coach Kelli Hult, the inspiring and motivating Chalene Johnson, my personally sponsored coach Emily Brougham, and of course me!
and I was even invited to the Star Diamond Reception with my sponsor…VIP all the way!  I got home and I dedicated myself to my business like you would not believe.
Here we all are at the White Party!
My personally sponsored coach, on her way with me! Soon to be a Diamond!
Sitting together taking in all of the info that we can!
If it was not time with my family, I was working on building my team and making them the best that they could be. If It was not time with my team, I was helping my challengers experience success in their groups. The stories that were told from all of the people who had success in this business lit something in my heart that I did not know existed. I was dreaming big. This is not something that I was able to do before. Not something that I have ever really done. There was a cap on how big I could dream. Not anymore. Summit was in June. We are now in the beginning of September. Since Summit I have consistently earned between $800 $1200 a week as a coach. I put what I learned at Summit into motion. There is no where else you can double your income in less than 6 months. I earn this income from helping people change their lives. I earn this income by inspiring my team and helping them realize that they can have this story too! In August I was announced as a Top Producer in Challenge Pack Sales, Success Club Points, and Top Recruiter for Team Beachbody.
I don’t talk about  my income to boast or brag. I talk about my income to prove to you that this is not a scam. Beachbody is a real business opportunity. I have big dreams for this year to come. I cannot wait to sit down at my kitchen table one year from now and write to you about 2013-2014 and share with you how many lives that I positively affected. How many coaches I had helped to experience financial freedom. If I earn double of what I am earning now, that is just the icing on the cake. I am a God loving woman, and I can tell you that God put me here to do this. Its in my heart and its in my soul. This business is simple. Sow seeds of value. Share with people all of the greatness that lies within them, and the success will come. I am proof of that. 1 year down, hopefully another 50 to go! I love my job!