My Journey To Elite Top 10 Coach With Team Beachbody



2014 was a total whirlwind. I cannot believe the amazing growth of my Team Beachbody team The Inspire Empire. This time last year I had no idea I would ever land in the TOP 10, or experience this type of growth in my business. All I knew was my team was amazing, I had incredibly talented women on my team, and amazing things were on the verge of happening. I am sad to report that this time last year, Eric and I were struggling financially. We were un able to pay for many basic things! I remember standing in line at Target with my shopping cart full to the brim, and Scarlett (my baby) sitting in the cart looking at me. My debit card was declined. I was mortified! I was terrified and I was embarrassed. I had to give them the cart of things, pack up my baby, and leave. I arrived home to my husband in tears, and he looked so hurt. We knew we were in a pinch, but we had no idea how bad until some un for seen expenses came up. I was then hit with my student loans, and things went down hill from there. After having Scarlett I had to leave my job. I was earning 50% of our decent income that sustained our lifestyle. My employer did not give maternity leave to employees who had been there under 1 year. I had been there for 10 months when Scarlett was delivered. So I had to take 12 weeks off of work! I was also working in real- estate and that required working the weekend. My husband was a wedding photographer and that required he worked the weekends as well! So after 6 months of me being home from work, we were in a very bad spot financially.

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By this time I was already a 2 Star Diamond Coach, but I was not making the type of income that would set us free from our financial struggles. I did Beachbody part time, and for some fun money. I did not take my business very serious until the moment I came home from Target that day. I looked at Eric in tears and said “we need a solution and I know I have one. I just need to jump into my business with both feet and make some serious sacrifices.” I told Eric that I needed him to help me more with my daughter, and around the house. I asked him to give me eve more time with my business and I promised him that I would set up free. I am not sure how much he believed that it would happen, but he has always believed in me, so he agreed. Did we have troubles along the way? Sure! We argued about the house being a mess, about who was going to watch Scarlett when, about me being on my computer at night rather than watching movies or going out with friends.


So you see… those were the sacrifices. I refused to give up much time with my daughter, but I gave up most of my personal free time, date nights, and nights out with friends for 8 months straight. It seemed like those 8 months would last forever in the thick of things, but really it went by so fast. I was tired, I was burnt out, I struggled emotionally… but I knew we were on the verge of a break through. I was watching my income increase every month. I was watching my efforts compound and my momentum build up. I saw my income double, and then triple, and then quadruple!! By the summer my team had accumulated 1.3 Million in revenue. By December we had accumulated 1.7 Million in revenue. Within 12 months 14 of my personally sponsored coaches achieved Diamond Rank in their business, and over 25-30 coaches achieved Success Club 5-10 every month. I was in awe of our growth and our success. Elite TOP 10 was not the goal, helping my family change the course of their future was the goal, TOP 10 just fell into line with that! I spoke with a representative at Team Beachbody and asked him what the fastest way to grow my business and income would be. He explained the game plan to me, and TOP 10 happened organically from that push and effort. Once we saw TOP 10 was in our sights, my interest in pushing just a little bit harder was peaked. We found out the trip was to Paris France! Eric and I could never afford the honey moon of our dreams! I looked at Eric and said “We are going on that trip!” That trip is ours! We deserve that honey moon together!!


You may not have the desire to be a top coach, or even an Elite coach, but I encourage you to dream big and to believe that anything is possible when you believe in your dreams and goals for your family. You cannot fail unless you flat our give up! If you want something bad enough, make it a reality by putting every fiber of your body into making it happen. A true successful expert in any field usually needs to put 10,000 hours into their art/trade/craft before they become an expert. Do you think you can truly become an expert by putting in a few hours here and there?! This business and any other business will not just fall into your lap (regardless of what you might have heard). There are not magic tricks, quick schemes, there is hard work, and there is sacrifice.


When it comes to being a Team Beachbody Coach, decide on what you want and do everything you can possibly do to make it happen! Lead from the heart, be authentic, stay consistent, stay focused, ask questions, be a good student, treat this like a 6 figure income potential and it will pay you like one, and most important BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND THIS COMPANY. We are doing some amazing things.



Here are my top 5 tips for success in your business.

1. 80/20 Rule. I spend 80% of my time recruiting challengers and presenting the business to them while talking to them about their fitness. So in an 8 hour day, this is 6 hours of my time. When it comes to training my coaches, I spend my time with those who want my time.  I give them what they need and if they start to show major promise, I guide them more. If no promise, no help. Never rely on the people you have. Your main goal needs to be adding more people, not making your current people do anything. They will do it if they want to do it.

My recruiting tactics are:

Facebook like page– #1 Priority for meeting new people.

Facebook Personal page- # 2 Priority and this is for more connection with new people.

Instagram– #3 Priority- this is both meeting new people and getting to know people.


Youtube- #4 Priority- Mostly for trainings videos… but guess what… training videos attract potential

coaches!! Ding Ding! I also have my transformation video which currently brings me 0 prospects.

Blog– #5 Priority. I am still in my process of building consistency and momentum. I have signed up 1 person from blogging. It will pop just like everything else eventually.

News Letter– #6 Priority- This is where I send all of my “maybe next times” and “no’s”

I send weekly recipes, fit tips, motivation, and news about challenge groups.

Still building. NO sign ups from this tactic.

all above tactics take daily consistency and time. They are all just starting to really seriously pop. They have been decent over my first 2.5 years, but not its just rolling like crazy.

I pic a platform to work, get comfy with it and then add a new project. I am just not getting comfy on IG so I am not moving to Blogging. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

2. 20 % of the time I work with 20% of my coaches. The coaches who ask me questions, the coaches who participate in Success Club. The coaches who are push to Diamonds or are Diamonds. Coaches who do not produce or achieve Success Club get a ‘Getting Started Right Call’, 1 follow up call, addition to the team New Coach Training, and then that is it. If they do not start doing things on their own, I treat them like a discount coach.

3. The majority of my time spent with my coaches are on team calls, group meetings, and our team meeting. I give all new coaches a GSR and a follow up call. If still not action, I wait for action to happen. If not action, they are a discount coach.

4. I use Gmail to communicate with all potentials. 


5. I use Videos uploaded directly to all social media platforms to depict my life and journey to people. It builds affinity on social media, and it also builds trust that people have in me. My Social media has been built up over 2.5 years, and my story has been consistently shared every single day. People feel as thought they know me from my constant videos and photos.

None of these things matter above if you do not have GIANT MOTIVATION AND DREAMS. YOU MUST SEE WHAT YOU HAVE AT YOUR FINGER TIPS. This opportunity is amazing!!!

Time management needs to come into play with these things. Do not scroll newsfeeds, do not sit on a group page for to long. Do not leave you messenger on when working. FOCUS on the tasks at hand. Never miss a day and work from lists. Plan your month out wisely!!

Plan your month below…


If you are interested in joining a TOP 10 Beachbody Team, if you are interested in joining the best team ever The Inspire Empire please email me at !!