My life before and after Shakeology 10 months

People ask me daily… “Is Shakeology really worth the money?” When I first became a Beachbody coach loosing weight was my top priority. I had heard that a friend of mine had lost weight with Shakeology, and that is the only reason I bought the stuff. I knew a bit about some of the Beachbody fitness programs as I had compelted p90x, and had seen the insanity infomercials. I tried Shakeology, and thought “wow this stuff is delicious, I would drink this even if it were not healthy for me ;)” I then saw a massive increase in my energy levels. As months progressed (with exersice and clean eating) I lost a great deal of body fat. These changes were all fantastic and trust me, I was thrilled. So why am I still drinking Shakeology every single day without fail? Ive lost the weight, and I have gotten healthy. So what now? I walked into work after a year of being gone and someone said to me “Anita you look brighter, clearer, and radiant. You have a happy glow.” I had gotten used to the way I feel and look. I see myself daily. It felt really good to hear someone else say that to me.


Here are the major changes that I have noticed in just the last 3 months. Mind you, I have been drinking Shakeology for 10 months

1. Stonger, healthier hair. (Yes even stronger than post pregnancy)

2. Brighter whiter teeth

3. Stronger nails

4. Bright skin

5. No acne or blemishes

6. Better sin tone

7. Even more efficient digestion.

8. Better moods

9. Flatter stomach

10. I AM NEVER SICK. Knock on wood. I usually get sick once a month. It has been several months.

Here is the best news of all. I have been free and clear of Zoloft (an antidepressant) for almost a month now! I have no serious depressive episodes! I was able to wean off the of medication for the first time in 5 years. I tried to in previous years, and had such bad withdrawals that I could not handel it. My body is so efficient at healing, digesting, and cleaning I have to believe that this aided in my coming off of Zoloft.


If you have been inspired to try Shakeology please email me!