My Life Happenings.

The last 3 months have been a total whirlwind. We barely got settled home before we were on the road again for a trip! We are very excited to be home from

1. Family time Florida

2. Marriage time in Puerto Rico

3. The Team Beachbody Retreat in Arizona

Before these three trips was my July 19th NPC Bikini Competition!


Needless to say we had a very busy summer but are so happy to be settled home for a solid 3 months! Scarlett is growing to fast and the traveling was in fact affecting her sleep patterns, her attitude and her growth. We were constantly changing her schedule and it just was not fair to her. We did not realize the affect it would have on her until we came home from Florida and she was one seriously naughty toddler. Scarlett was throwing things at me, hitting me, spitting her food all over the place, not speaking at a 2 year old level, mean to other children, not sleeping at night, not taking naps, weeping and sad at the YMCA nursery, and refused to go to the Church nursery. We basically could not leave the house with her any longer and we had no idea what to do. We learned very quickly that Scarlett needed focused attention, and socialization that we were not able to give her. She needed friends and a curriculum to focus her attention on.  Fortunately we were able to enroll her into a learning center over a month ago and she was able to stay in Grand Rapids for our Arizona trip. Scarlett has totally flourished at this learning center! She is better behaved, takes consistent naps, sleeps on a schedule, is less aggressive, is less fussy, eats all of her food, and is just an all around happier kid. She just loves it there. Every report card we receive back explains that she is “HAPPY” AND “LEARNING”. I was told that she is “advanced” and “extroverted” and needed more stimulation. She is going 3-4 days a week and then for the rest of the week we hang as a family! It was a very difficult decision for me to make as I left my job so that I could work Beachbody and be home with her. It was not my big picture goal to send her to day care, but she needed way more than what I was doing with her! The guilt subsided once I learned how well she did there! It has been such an awesome balance. I get to take more naps, work quietly without juggling toddler and laptop, and Eric and I get a little more time together. More time together as a family, because I get focused hours of work. More time with the hubby, and more learning for the baby… win!




meand sunshineI have officially caught the body building bug. I have always loved fitness, and I have always loved lifting. I always wanted to find my sport to excel in but I just couldn’t pin down exactly what I wanted to do! I had always found physique competitors so inspiring and motivating. The type of training and dicipline it takes to get on a stage and present your muscles… it is one of the most inspiring things I have ever watched someone do. Competitors train all year for that 15 minutes on stage. Well Last year I finally made the decision to cross competing off of my bucket list and DO IT ALREADY! I love love love lifting and I knew I had put on some decent muscle through my weight loss transformation. So I hired a coach, and I got busy. I busted my butt. I had some down moments and some high moments, but I made it to that stage! I was terrified, nervous, completely outside of my comfort zone. The entire world was going to see the inside of my thigh and my stomach. I pulled up my big girl sparkly be-jazzled panties and I hit that stage! I worked it and I owned it, and I FREAKING LOVED IT! I was in my element that day. I fell right into place. Some people hate the stage… I learned right then and there that I looooved it. It made every decision to say no to donuts and pizza worth it. It made the countless hours in the gym worth it. It made shoveling chicken and broccoli in my mouth every day worth it! I felt great, and I felt alive! I knew that there were other girls on that stage that looked incredible and to the judges better than me, but I brought my best physique and self I had ever had to that stage. I say self because I learned so much about myself through that journey and conquered some seriously bad eating and drinking habits while prepping. I walked away without a trophy, but I made first call outs out of 25 women in my height class. I placed 8th, and to me that is FREAKING AWESOME and hooked me in! I didn’t need the trophy, I needed the experience. I needed to know that I could do this. I needed to know that I could accomplish this goal, and Idid! 8th place drove me just enough to want to compete again and do better, 8th place humbled me enough to know I had some serious work to do, 8th place drove me enough to know that I had so much room to grow and that this sport was going to be a life long process!

So you are probably wondering whats next? I have mentioned before that I was going to take some time off to live! To just live outside of prepsville! That 5 month diet down process was rough. So I took some time and ate whatever I wanted. Truthfully, I didn’t like it. I felt crappy, tired, lethargic, and hungry all the time. I was not bringing my A game to the gym, and I could see my waist line growing! I worked so hard for my healthy, tight, toned body (competition or not), I knew I needed to fix my ways! So I started to eat a clean off season balanced diet. I started to lift heavier in the gym and my waist shrank and I felt energized and in control. I love eating chicken, rice, and veggies!! I thought I wanted a break from it all, but really… my body thrives on it and its delicious. The biggest thing I took away from competing… incredible eating habits. I created this new habit that I didn’t realize I had. I crave veggies, protein, and rice! I crave my Shakeology. I crave my pre workout. I crave my oatmeal and egg whites in the morning. Once I got back on this diet and added more calories back in slowly, I started to have more energy and feel good and satiated. This is such an exciting place to be!! I used to crave crap all the time!! I mean it was relentless! Chocolate, chips, ice cream, beer, french fries, pop! I never thought I’d actually get to a point where my body started to make the right decisions for me! So fortunately for me, I am maintaining a lean physique without going against the grain! I am also seeing improved muscular development and growth! Which is why we train right?!10347079_10204465212331812_127274104643703771_n

So when is the next show? I have some crazy big news to share with you! Eric and I are going to start trying for Baby #2 next summer! We would like to be pregnant by JULY/August/September 🙂 We have dreams of a big family and that comes first! Scarlett will be 3 and it is time that we bring her a little buddy, and I have baby fever that needs to be taken care of. We have been talking about Baby #2 for years and years, and we have big dreams for a big family. I am an only child and I know how lonely it can be. We also have a trip toParis that we are potentially qualified for through Team Beachbody (Thank you Beachbody) for achieving Elite Top 10 (2014)  Coach (it will be official January 1st, but we are very hopeful)!!!! This is a trip that we have worked our butts off for and I refuse to diet through that trip! If I wait to compete after the trip, I wont be competing until Novemberish and I really do not want to wait to start trying after November, it may take 2-3 months for it to actually happen and it will just be to long to wait. Scarlett will be nearing 4 and the baby wont be born until she is nearing 5. So in conclusion I have decided to compete in May 2015 which means my Prep will begin in December/January, which means I have to bring my A game in the gym, and in my eating starting NOW. I have some muscle I need to be growing in time for my competition! This next competition is a National Qualifier, and this is no longer a bucket list “thing” now… I want to win. Now I want a trophy. Now I intend on walking out with a chunk of medal. Now I put my game face on. 1383585_10204839917259201_6799842811404263055_n