CIZE Week 2 Progress!

Eric and I were asked to participate in the CIZE test group for Beachbody Coaches 3 weeks ago and let me tell you what, it has been the time of our lives. We have never had so much fun when it comes to fitness!! Every day is a new challenge mentally and physically. We are dancing and having fun!! This is also the first program that Eric and I have done together all the way through!!





Many people have asked me if the moves are complicated and intricuit enough to be considered “cool” coreography (Thanks dancer friends!) and yes they moves get harder and harder as you go!! For those of you who are not dancers or danced before the moves are absolutely doable and fun! Shaun does an excellent job of breaking it down through the entire workout so that you feel like you are getting a workout but you are also not getting left behind on the moves!!




and you better believe I am sweating my buns off. When you get so into the music you forget you are working out and before you know it you are drenched in sweat!!


Here is the meal plan that I am following for the extrent of the program: The meal plan is really the same meal plan as the 21 Day Fix! You follow the various color coded containers!


meal plan friday

Check out a few of our previews of the program below!!

Okay and now the big reveal: 15 Days with CIZE!!

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The release of CIZE is around the corner!! Apply below to join my up coming test group!!