Never Give Up



People used to tell me that I was weird, annoying, chasing something that was so completely impractical. People used to tell me that I should just stick to what makes sense right now (my day job that I was un happy in). People used to tell me that I was wasting my time going after my dreams. People used to tell me that I was part of a pyramid, and that all I cared about was making money off of people…

When I found Beachbody I found my passion. It was never about money for me. Sure I made extra money, but I am smart enough that I could pretty much make money anywhere (Im good at it). I truly believed in the product. I truly believed that it changed my life, and that it could change other peoples lives. Within in months of being a coach I created an income and I knew that if this new Mom at home could do it, other Mom’s could do it to, while spreading something so completely positive and motivating. I get told 10 times a day I helped to change someome’s life, and that is proof enough to me, that I should #nevergiveup.

I should never give up helping other people improve their lives, because that is my DREAM. The “get rich” stuff… that is the bonus, however not my driver! #nevergiveup on your dreams. God created them for a reason.

I have been a Team Beachbody coach for just over 2 years. I just kept dreaming, following what I needed to do, and kept the consistency up!



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