Not you… Not this time.


Yep that’s me in that photo. That is a girl who used to start 1 million projects, and aspirations and never complete a single one. That is a girl who dreamed big but never executed fully to her potential. On that day after 18 months of getting my body back, I ran 13.1 miles. No walking, no stopping! I ran the entire thing. 18 months prior, I would have told you “Sure, I’d love to loose some lbs, and it would be a dream to run that far.” Something miraculous happened in my life, and I actually made it there. I went from 200 lbs to 140 and I went from barely running to running 13.1 miles. I used to be a couch potato and wanted nothing to do with adventure. Now I crave adventure.

Let me ask you this? Do you live vicariously through other peoples adventures on television? Does that sound like your evening / weekend ritual? It sure was mine!!! I don’t want to say I hit a rock bottom, but I can for surely say I hit a “omg I am almost 30 and I have not lived like I should have”. After I had my daughter, I decided that I would do whatever it took to live more. To live life to the fullest. I said to myself… THIS IS NOT MY TIME TO QUIT. NOT THIS TIME. I AM GOING ALL THE WAY. I wanted off of the antidepressants and I wanted off of my couch. So I found the perfect solution:

1. Fitness (under 45 minutes a day, as I had a new baby and an hour would not fly)

2. The right nutrition and meal plan to fuel my body so that I would never be tired, or hungry.

3. and SUPPORT.

That last one was super super key. I got plugged into a community of other “fit chicks” who were all about offering support. I never had friends who were so positive and motivating. I wanted nothing more than to be just like them. With that equation… this time… I did not fail. And with that equation, neither will you! YOU HAVE TO GET ANGRY. You have to get MOTIVATED. You have to get INSPIRED. You have to find that WHY. You have to write down your WHY and make it all encompassing. So what is your why? Work on that for a few weeks before the New Year approaches us. Really put your heart and soul into your WHY. Here is an example of a Why, and it just so happens to be mine:

I am nearly 28, and I have never had the body that I wanted. I felt like a prisoner in my own skin, and I was not going to miss out on loving my body.

I wanted to do physical activities that I had never done before. Things that I was afraid of (racing, hiking, triathlons, swimming long distance, cross fit, obstacle courses).

I had this new beautiful baby girl, and I wanted to be an inspiration and an example for her. I want her to look up to her mommy!

Find your WHY, and develop it. Dream on it. Never let go of it. Find the right fitness that you could fall in love with, find the right meal plan to fit your life style, and find support. This may mean a total life over haul. You might have to let go of old friends, and find new ones. You might have to change the way you and your spouse spend time together. This may mean no more late nights at bars, and late nights eating on the couch. New habits will be formed, but they are so so worth it once you get engulfed in this lifestyle.

This new year, 2014… ITS YOURS. NOT GO GET IT.



Anita Miron