Official Cize Test Group Participant!

Bahh So pumped to announce that Eric and I will be participating in the Beachbody Cize test group!! That is right we will be dancing, pumping, jumping, and spinning our way to a shredded tummy! We received our package today and are so excited to rock this journey! Okay so I have to admit, I am a dancer. I have been since a toddler! I was classically trained in Ballet, and moved on to hip hop, jazz, tap, and then I danced with a dance team! It was so much fun but I hurt my back when I was 17 and my training and my drive diminished while taking 1 year off. I began to dance again but something was lost inside of me. It could have been that I gained 30 lbs and did not have the mental capacity at that point in my life to lose the weight, and at that point in my life dance took a back seat! I never lost my love for dancing in general, and I still have the ability to pick up on moves pretty quickly. I love to perform! Eric on the other hand… I must give the man props! He has no dance training or back ground and picked up all of theses moves and gave it his best shot!! See you can be an amazing dancer, or no dance experience at all and still rock it out!! We were both drenched in sweat and laughing out butts off!! Tomorrow I will do a review on the meal plan, but here is our review of Day 2!!



My husband picked up some epically awesome ideas while in Paris. He removed the french bread and butter wink emoticon I am so excited to be back to eating clean and healthy but I also miss the yummy French Food!
Check out this recipe!
Just seasoned grilled chicken, topped on Zucchini Noodles and tomato sauce! Lower carbs, highly nutritious, and delicious!

This is a great example of what the eating will look like with Cize!