Official CIZE Test Group Results

I am human… and I fell off the wagon at week 2.5 during the Team Beachbody CIZE test group. I continued to do the workouts. I gave it my all to stay on track during our road trip but once we got to Michigan and saw our friends and family… I just wanted to kick back and enjoy a good meal (OR 7) with people. This is hard to admit because I am a perfectionist by nature. I used to be so much more disciplined but after doing a NPC Bikini Competition I have lost a lot of that discipline. It was very difficult to take the last photo because I know that I threw in the towel on my diet the last two and a half weeks.
But here they are… my official CIZE Test Group Before and After Shots, and I am pleasantly surprised at the results! Again I was not following the meal plan for half of the program, but I did work my butt off when I worked out!
For me this program was about having fun while maintaining my fitness. For me this program was about having fun while getting stronger. You cannot beat a workout that makes you gut laugh the entire time. You cannot beat a workout that you can do with your spouse and challenge one another. You cannot beat a program that causes you to get outside of your comfort zone and get creative!! I truly had the time of my life and will be doing CIZE again starting the third week of JULY for my Team Test Group!
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