Our Lives Forever Changed By Beachbody

10289861_10204918522304278_6395817216926491638_nOur lives have been turned upside down and inside out over the last 2 years.

Debt, fear, more debt, missed bills, more fear, feeling less than satisfied at your job… does this sound familiar??

For me personally it started with my health and fitness. I was over weight (nearly 200 Lbs when I started my fitness program). I was tired. I relied on antidepressants, and I battled with depression and anxiety my entire adult life. When I met my husband I was battling some pretty bad habits. I didn’t realize it then, but I had a dependency on food and alchohol for my emotional satisfaction. This led to some serious weight gain. When I could no longer drink (in my pregnancy) I turned to emotional eating (like entire bags of chips, and half a container of ice cream a night bad). When I started Chalean Extreme I instantly saw a change myself physically and mentally. When I started to change my eating habits and use Shakeology my body started to function differently. Within in 6 months I lost 60 lbs, was off of antidepressants and had my issues with emotional eating under control. I felt a new sense of confidence and purpose that I needed to share this with everyone I knew!

When Eric and I drove home from the hospital with our new baby girl we were both in shock #1. Because we had this new baby #2. Because we have less than $1k in the bank period and over $2K in bills to pay. I was not receiving mat leave from my job, and Eric was in an off season of his business. Needless to say a lot of things went on credit during this season of our lives. It grew very scary. We had to make some really tough decisions (Like which bill to skip, to go to cloth diapers, and hand washing laundry, to selling some of the things we owned.) I saw the opportunity in Beachbody after what Beachbody had done for me personally. The culture of the company, and my program changed my life. I felt very passionate about sharing my journey and passionate about Beachbody. I screamed it from the roof tops. I finally returned to my job, but I was desperate to get home to my daughter. I felt very unsatisfied in my job, and knew I could make a bigger impact with Beachbody. I found my reason to make Beachbody work. I needed to be home with my daughter, and I never wanted to live in fear like that ever again.

Within 3 months I matched my income and got home with my Baby girl. Within 6 months of that I matched Eric’s income and we decided that it would be best for our family to build our Beachbody biz together full time.

As of today Eric and I are Credit Card Debt free.
We have freedom.
We answer to no boss or seasonality in a job.
We have repaired our credit.
We have a savings account that will help us buy our new home in January.
We have paid off a substantial amount of my student debt.
We have taken family trips together that we paid cash for.
We both work for ourselves.
We both feel so much purpose in what we do.
We get to say we change lives everyday.
Our daughter gets to go to Apple Tree Christian Learning Center 4 days a week. And will get to take as many dance lessons as she wants to 
We make well over a 6 figure income and that is growing.
We no longer live in extreme fear of making “it work” in life.
We work with a team of 1700 other coaches who are on a mission to change the world one challenger at a time!

I hope that my story inspires you!

Tonight I will be hosting an opportunity webinar with one of my personally sponsored coach Bree Holland. Together we will share with you what it means to be a Coach and share this amazing opportunity with all of you.

Have I inspired you? Email me: anitacmiron@gmail.com and lets chat about how Beachbody can change your life too!