Our Next Big THING!! Couples Sprint Tri Athlon

Eric and I use Beachbody home fitness programs for our fitness most of the time. Chalean Extreme, and Insanity were my first two full programs in which I lost 70 LBs and began my new love for fitness. I decided 2 years ago that I would take my fitness outside and see what I could do with my body and continue to challenge myself. It started with a 5K, then a 10K, and then Tough Mudder, and I went on to complete my first Half Marathon. I then went on to challenge myself even further with a Bikini Competition where I took my body to a whole new level. I gained muscle and got super duper lean!! I enjoyed every step of the way with all of those challenges. It totally fulfilled my need to always challenge myself. Home Fitness programs always challenge me, but it is so exciting to go out and see what you can do with all of this new strength and your new body! I have been over weight and “weak” physically for much of my adult life! I would watch movies about people doing amazing physical things, and I would see my friends get out there and do races, and competitions and I always told myself “I am just not meant for that. I wish I could.” After pushing myself through several Beachbody programs, I was ready and I knew I could!!


Below you will see my progress photo from 2012-now


I love all sorts of fitness but after these races and competitions I decided to give myself a break and get back to enjoying home fitness programs for a while. I completed 3 programs back to back AGAIN and my little competitive spirit started to come knocking again. I love the idea of pushing myself, and taking my body to new places. One of the most glorious moments of my life was running 6 miles, being stopped by a 40 foot wall with water in front of it, and having to conquer my fear of heights by jumping off of it to get around it.

I have always dreamt of doing a Tri Athlon! So here we are! Eric and I have decided to train for one together! We both love to Run, Bike, and Swim and now we have a reason to get serious about all three for the next 7 weeks.

This is what my Fitness / Anita Get Fit journey was about from the start and I am excited to finally get back to that!!

Our race will be in Austin Texas on July 12th. Time to get serious and use the strength and endurance we have built over the last 3 years to get out side and race!


eric and anita


Here is the training regime we will be following!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.00.25 AM


I know what many of you are asking!? What are you going to do while traveling ?? This is absolutely perfect for our trip to Paris!! We can actually swim in the hotel, run through the beautiful cities, and Bike in the gym or during many of our bike trips around town! So this fits right in!! As for diet!? We will focusing on eating at the maintenance level of The 21 Day Fix. We will be eating for energy as well. If we find that our food does not serve us we will eat more fruits, and protein. We will be eating like an athlete. Most of the distances and workouts for this training schedule will not be much longer a typical at home workout with The 21 Day Fix, but in order to push yourself to run / bike/ swim harder and fast you must eat for energy.


We will be including Body Beast in our strength training days  to maintain muscle mass 🙂 Wish us luck ya’ll!!!