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Vegan/Clean/Strawberry Shakeology Ice Cream AKA Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Cream

I am such a sucker for ice cream. Its that cold, sweet, creamy texture that gives me that comforting feeling. I decided to get a little more adventurous in the kitchen and I am so glad that I did!


You will need a food processor


10 Frozen strawberries

1/2 cup of coconut milk

1 half a scoop of chocolate shakeology (non vegan option). Or you can use hot cocoa mix for a deeper sweeter option

3 packets of stevia

For a creamier thicker option add three table spoons o

f cool whip! (non vegan option)

This is just delicious. I actually made it with strawberries and coconut milk only. It was perfect! It was not to sweet, rick in flavor, and light in texture. This is the perfect healthy alternative for ice cream!

Tonight was my FATURDAY

So I committed myself to one cheat meal a week. This means that I get to eat whatever the heck I want. I get to go all out. Tonight I choose cheese pizza and cheesy nachos. I also had two heavy beers. I feel like sh*t. Literally, however poop feels, I feel that way. I guess before I started to eat clean and healthy, I was used to feeling like poop. I mean this pizza was dripping with cheese. It wasn’t even that delicious. At least not as delicious as I dreamt it would taste. My taste buds must be changing. Every day I would remind myself… that cheat meal is coming soon. Every time I would bite down on a green bean I would remind myself… PIZZA IS COMING SOON. Now I need to dream of something new, because greasy pizza makes me feel yucky.

My stomach isbloated out to my key board, I’m gassy/farty, I am burping up a storm, and I might puke. Soon my cheat meals will be healthy stuff. I don’t know if I ever want to feel like this again.


(Ugh posting that photo made me gag)

I added cheat meals into my diet program to keep me sane. To keep me from just giving up. It gives me something to look forward to all week while I am being strict. I used to really enjoy the cheat meals, not so much anymore. I have gotten so used to feeling great, that I don’t even want to feel bloaty/farty/and sick ever again. Perhaps next weeks cheat meal will be some sort of dessert. I still miss that and I bet it wont feel as bad as pizza.


Night ya’ll!


Lift heavy…Trust me.

If there is one thing I have learned from my experience doing Chalean Extreme is that Muscle burns fat, makes you lean, healthy and sexy! I  was stuck in a plateau after my baby was born. I was only doing cardio, and no fat was leaving my body. I then started Chalean Extreme and I watched the fat melt away…

It is a common misconception that women will put on mass if they lift heavy weights. Unless you consume large amounts of supplements, consume steroids, or ingest testosterone… you will not put on mass. Women lack the one crucial element to putting on mass TESTOSTERONE! If you want a lean, strong, sexy body, lift weights. And not just some dinky 5lbs weights here and there, LIFTY HEAVY. Push your muscles to failure. The more your muscles have to repair the more calories your muscles have to burn post work out. Did you know that even after you lift weights your body is burning calories while repairing your muscles. Thats right… while you are sitting on the couch your body is burning fat… isn’t that incredible?

I have made the mistake in thinking that the only way to get lean is to do a ton of cardio. Cardio only burns fat while you are working out. If you mix cardio and weight lifting you turn your body into a lean, mean, calorie burning machine all day lone. Well, what about improving the health of your heart, and your anarobic threshold you ask? If you lift heavy weights you will experience a cardio affect. While doing my fitness program, Chalean extreme, I was squatting 45 lbs on both legs, my heart was pumping out of my chest, and I could barely catch my breath… talk about one heck of a cardio experience.

Fit, lean muscle is the new skinny. Lean Muscle on men and women is sexy. Muscle makes you look younger, stronger, healthier and radiant. Do you want to reverse aging? Gain muscle. Do you want a more efficient, and healthy body Gain muscle. I am not talking about getting huge and bulky people, I am talking about turning your fat into muscle. Unhealthy does one thing to your body… it kills it. Slowly but surely fat will wear you down and age you.

My recomended lift and cardio schedule:









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