Perfect Skin for CHEAP!- Kandee Johnson

This is incredible. I am going out to Walgreens tomorrow and picking up some True Match foundation. As one of the ways to cut spending in my home I decided to stop wearing makeup! I know what you are thinking…CRAZY GIRL! But get this… I don’t go out much with because I am a slave to my child’s sleep/nursing schedule. I workout everyday and I typically workout when I find the time, so I tend to workout during my baby’s nap, which is in the middle of the day. If I am going to wear makeup it will have to be at special occasions, family events and at night. But seriously guys I am super amped to try this method. It looks like it works, and its not $50 for some high quality foundation. You also don’t have to spend an additional $20 on bronzer, and blush. So fun right?!


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