Product Review: Nuts ‘N More

I am always on a mission to find new delicious ways to get more healthy fats, a good amount of proteins, while keeping sugars low! I found this stuff at GNC a few months ago and have added it to my regime. It is a protein packed peanut butter! With 14 Grams of protein for 2 tablespoons, it packs an awesome protein and fat punch! So many people tell me “Oh I get my protein from peanut butter.” Sorry folks, there just isn’t enough protein in peanut butter to call is a serving of protein! Here is your answer!


It comes in several versions, and there is also a Almond Butter blend.



High in fiber, healthy fats, and protein. Low in sugars and carbohydrates. No GMO’s !!


So far this is a super win and I have been suggesting it to all of my coaches and challengers! Here is how I use it :unnamed-2

My morning oats! So I am so sick of eggs and egg whites! So to switch it up I do 1/2 cup of steel cut oats, mix in two table spoons of Nuts N’ More peanut butter, top with fruit of choice, table spoon of chia seeds and stevia and you have yourself a delicious breakfast that is 25 grams of protein (6 grams of protein in oatmeal and 5 grams in Chia seeds!!) and about 30-40 grams of carbohydrates (depending on the fruit you chose! I add blueberries because I feel good with just the carbohydrates in my oats! Nuts N’More tastes just like peanut butter, you can barely taste the added protein and the texture is crunchy and creamy!

You can head over to and check out more details!