Quick and Delicious Maple Nut Sweet Potato


As you know, I am all about quick, clean and delicious food around here at Anitagetfit.com. With a hyped up toddler, and a busy business, I gotta get my quick eats in, while staying energized… oh and fit 😉 Okay so here is one of my favorite go to recipes! Quick, clean, gluten free, sweet, savory, YUM!


1 MEDIUM sweet potato

1/2 table spoon of all natural Maple Syrup. NO NOT PANCAKE SYRUP… INVEST INT HE REAL STUFF. Its so much better for you.

1 dash of cinnamon

1 pat of butter (organic). This is optional. I left it off of mine and it was just as good!

a dash of crushed salty nuts (your choice)


take a know or fork and poke holes into your potato. Place the potato into something you can steam in the microwave (GASP! SIGH CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES, TIME WAS LIMITED AND I WAS HANGRY. You can bake a bunch of sweet potatos on Sunday night if that helps you get things done faster)  with. We did not have anything really, so I used a plate and I put a bowl on over my sweet potato and it made a steamer!!!



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