Real 21 Day Fix Round 1 Results! Andrea!!

Nothing beats waking up to a big cup of coffee, and this in your inbox

Anita, I’ve lost 7 LB and 10.5 Inches!!! Oh and I hit Success Club 5!¬†

Andrea is a newer client of mine/coach on my team. Andrea got started with me 3 weeks ago with The 21 Day Fix Program, and Shakeology. Not only that but her journey has inspired 3 other women to start the 21 Day Fix with her! Andrea is also starting her secound of the 21 Day Fix! I am so excited to watch this girls journey. So inspiring!

If you are inspired and still have not made up your mind about my upcoming challenge group on the 22nd, I encourage you to take 3 weeks for yourself. Jut 21 days can really make some major changes in your body and kick off a new amazing lifestyle! Give me 21 days!!

Comment below if this inspires you!! Email anitacmiron@gmail.com if you would like to join my upcoming 21 Day Fix Challenge Group! All Anita Get Fit followers get a $20 instant rebate!10706421_10202613370241797_2040280712_n

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