Real 21 Day Fix Round 1 Results! Andrea!!

Nothing beats waking up to a big cup of coffee, and this in your inbox

Anita, I’ve lost 7 LB and 10.5 Inches!!! Oh and I hit Success Club 5! 

Andrea is a newer client of mine/coach on my team. Andrea got started with me 3 weeks ago with The 21 Day Fix Program, and Shakeology. Not only that but her journey has inspired 3 other women to start the 21 Day Fix with her! Andrea is also starting her secound of the 21 Day Fix! I am so excited to watch this girls journey. So inspiring!

If you are inspired and still have not made up your mind about my upcoming challenge group on the 22nd, I encourage you to take 3 weeks for yourself. Jut 21 days can really make some major changes in your body and kick off a new amazing lifestyle! Give me 21 days!!

Comment below if this inspires you!! Email if you would like to join my upcoming 21 Day Fix Challenge Group! All Anita Get Fit followers get a $20 instant rebate!10706421_10202613370241797_2040280712_n