Real Fitness. Real Food. Real Weight loss



Sometimes I like posts like these! Sometimes you need to read the harsh truth! So many people want a quick fix! They want something to just make themselves lose a bunch of weight while they lay around eating bon bons and ice cream! Its not going to work!

Here are some quick fixes that never last:

1. Pills give you an energy boost, and you end up just sitting around with a ton of energy (if you don’t workout), and you end up eating those calories back anyway (you could potentially end up more hungry later when you sit down to eat due to the fat burn from the pills). Also, you cannot live on pills forever, you gain that weight back once you are off of them because you never taught yourself healthy habits.

2. Dieting, but not working out will help you to lose some weight, but sadly your body will get stuck and stop losing fat. If you aren’t moving, your body will just adjust to the calories you are placing in your body!

3. Working out, but not eating clean… there is a good chance you will eat those calories back.

4. Shakes alone… those aren’t going to magically make you lose weight! They are still a meal, and if you aren’t eating clean and working out, it will just be another meal! Sure you might lose some calories in that one meal, and might gain a few more nutrients, but you will likely eat back those calories in another meal. Shakes don’t teach you how to eat clean and balanced, and does not teach you how to work out!

So the truth is: Clean Diet, Balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits and veggies+Fitness= LASTING WEIGHT LOSS AND LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

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