Recipe: Clean Turkey Taco’s

It’s Recipe Time!! Today I’m going to give you a family favorite. This is such a quick meal, easy for lunch or dinner, and customizable! Taco’s have always been popular but they are easy to dirty up! So we’re making Clean Turkey Tacos that pack plenty of flavor 🙂10250147_10203639376766439_7606845039570123223_n


Basic Shopping list:

Lean Ground Turkey

Taco or Similar Seasoning (I’m loving me some Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime)

Shredded Cheese

Pico de Gallo

Romaine Lettuce Hearts

Guacamole or Avocado


My husband and I cook in bulk so we make a LOT of food at a time. This cuts down on time throughout the week making small meals over and over. We usually cook about 3-4 pounds of turkey burger at once….plain. When we finally make the meal all we need to do is reheat the meat with the appropriate seasoning! So easy!! Eric’s tries not it use a microwave whenever possible and he’s the one actually cooking in these pics (He is a way better cook then me, I’m lucky!!).

_MG_9754_MG_9755We are also not afraid of Spicy!! I found out a long time ago and small amount of a hot spice goes a long way!! Meaning I need to use less and can keep my meals healthier 🙂



Now that our meat is prepped….that’s it for the cooking!! Now it just and assembly line of goodness. Remember to rinse off your lettuce in some cold running water. The rest is up to you but here is how we bring it home.


Sprinkle some Pico de Gallo and cheese, spread some guacamole or add avocado slices (Yes Eric was going to eat this so of course it’s a lot of guac!!), and top it off with some lime juice. Enjoy!!