Significance is Success

Are you going to live a life of SUCCESS OR SIGNIFICANCE ? What if I told you that a life of significance is the ultimate level of success! I have done a lot of soul searching over the last 3 years. From night club DJ to corporate 9-5 to a fast paced sales and marketing career (70 plus hours a week) where I very rarely saw my family/baby/friends and experiencing “SUCCESS”, I was missing something very important…. SIGNIFICANCE. I was earning an awesome income!! I even had pretty decent benefits. My husband also brought an awesome income home as well, and together we were rocking it out… but we NEVER EVER SAW EACH OTHER or our Baby!I went to church and heard a sermon on living a life of significance and how life is just to short to live for the bigger paychecks! I wanted nothing more in my life to be home with my family and be more available to them! So I took a giant crazy leap of faith and I left my job to tackle this craaaazy “multi level marketing” company and be home with my daughter. We cut out income down by 2/3!! We went from being able to purchase whatever we wanted, to barely making ends meat! Guess what?!! HAPPIEST TIME OF MY LIFE! Yep… We were “poor” financially but seriously happy, and continue to be happy, and continue to chase our dreams. Though we were poor in our pockets, I had never felt more fulfilled.

I just read a story about a Man who was a busy business man. He made millions. He had a 23 year old son and a wife. His rarely saw either of them as he was chasing the business world. His son died in a freak accident swimming in a river. He received a call from his brother that his son had gone missing and is likely dead as the others who were swimming with him were dead as well. He eventually found out that his son did in deed pass away. Of course he was mortified… his one and only son died! What was worse is that he missed most of his life. He went home to look through his face book page, and photo albums and missed 90% of the experiences of his son! The man decided to retire and live a life of significance, travel the world with his wife, and live the life he saw his son dreamt to have. He decided to do it all for him and knew he would meet him at the gates of heaven and share some amazing stories with him.

10312545_10203884964745985_9210017919014412825_nI never want to look back on this life and say that I did not live it how I wanted to. Everyone is different, everyone has different priorities and different view points on success… for me its about experiences more so than things (I know I know I just bought a dang LV hand bag… but I waited 8 years to buy it and it was more so about the experience of being able to buy it with my Mom).

We may not have the nicest things in the world, but we have each other and our dreams! God won’t be there to congratulate us on your big bonus and hours spent in the office, and we cant leave this world with all of our “stuff”, but we can leave this world with out dreams, experiences, and our love for one another.


 — with Eric Miron.