Start Your Own Fitness Business While Getting Fit!

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I am just a Mom with a 3.5 year old and a baby on the way! I am also just a wife, daughter and friend. I am as real as they come. I come as a package of emotions, love, fear, success, and hopes. I would like to share my story with you in hopes that I may inspire you to join my team!


The future that we had before joining Beachbody was quite grim! We were up to our nose in debt. We could barely afford diapers, gasoline, and groceries. It was such a stressful time! I couldn’t imagine living like that anymore. Luckily we made that commitment to our families and to ourselves and made this business work for us!

I have have had my own Fitness business since May 2012! Did I think for a moment that Fitness would have been my career choice?! No way! I knew I loved working11781895_10207170765368947_6038522387908126328_n with people and that I wanted to get it and healthy myself. Thats all I knew! Beachbody fell into my lap when I was 210 LBS and looking for a serious change! I just had my now 3.5 year old and I came across my now Coach Leslie! I loved that she had made a serious change for herself and her Facebook posts were so inspiring and motivating! I finally reached out to her and asked her what she was doing. I really wanted to get involved for selfish reasons. I wanted to get my butt back in shape! I signed up as a Coach for the discount not knowing what was about to happen to me! I started to see major changes in myself. I was eating better, clean whole foods, lean proteins and fruits. I had more energy than ever before. I started to shout it on the roof top! I started to tell other’s about all of these changes and what was causing me to feel so good and confident.10923746_10205712981725267_2257770984941590581_n

As more and more people showed interest more and more people started to join me and do what I was doing! I started to grow a business out of something that was so fun and that I loved! So I just kept going. I kept working on myself and improving my body, mind and spirit. I continued to add to my network through social media and I continued to share with everyone what I was doing. Before I knew it… I had a business that was paying me a full time income! I was able to

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leave my job (which I was not happy at) and my Husband was able to leave his job as well! It was a dream come true! We now had the opportunity to work this incredible business together at home! We had true freedom and we started to experience financial freedom. We were able to pay down debt, buy a new house, buy a new car, and travel the world! We were sent on phenom trips for our hard work and we were recognized for all of our efforts. From a job perspective it is a dream come true!!



So now I am inviting you to join

I have an opportunity of a lifetime to share with you!

If you are a go getter
If you are driven
If you are motivated
If you are independent
If you are into health and fitness
If you believe you are worthy of something great
If you have the drive to build a life by design
If you want to fire your boss
If you want to work from home
If you want to wake up and decide how to spend your days
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