Staying Disciplined During The Holidays


Staying Disciplined.

Yes folks its time! The food, the eating, the treats, the drinks are going to start flowing. You are going to have every thing you are craving right in your face! But is enjoying all of the treats and foods that your heart desires today and tomorrow worth the long term damage on your goals? If you have been dieting, working out and losing weight… yes two days of all you can eat madness can and will add 5lbs of weight to your body. Sure much of it will be water, but when you start introducing tons of fat and carbs, your body is in a state in which it will hold on to EVERYTHING! It will stick those fats right to the surface of your body because it has been working in a deficit and it will be ready to hold on to that fat! I am no expert but I am someone who has experienced this first hand! After my first NPC competition I went on a all you can eat frenzy for 3 straight days. I checked my body fat afterwards and went up 4% body fat! Yes I gained 10 LBs in one week.



For someone who has worked so darn hard for their fitness goals, this is devastating and heart breaking! For someone who made tons of sacrifices, only to let go completely for 2 days and bam… extreme weight gain. I even experienced new stretch marks that I had never seen before! So how do you enjoy yourself and the holidays and not blow it?



1. 1 meal! Protein, carb, and vegetable. I try to eye ball a cup for each. This is a reasonable meal and you should walk away stuffed!


2. 1/2 -1 cup size of desert!

3. 1/2 cup of appetizers and fill up on those veggies! If there is a vegetable platter, go hang out by it! Fill up on those veggies and if you must have some dippings eye ball a tablespoon only.

4. Drinks?? If you must have 1 let me warn you… you will more than likely be more hungry than normal. 1 glass of wine and keep your hands busy. Go for a walk with your pets or play a board game!

5. After dinner, do not sit around! Go for a walk, play with the kids, be the one to clean the kitchen. Keep your body moving and keep your hands super busy!

6. Before all of the festivities start WORKOUT! A nice deep calorie burn, and drink a protein shake/ your shakeology right after!

1911667_10203266595007128_974680308_nDo not skip your other meals! Make sure to eat all of your other meals and stay full on your normal foods so that when you sit down for your Christmas meal you are not ready to gorge!

Check into this group when you need discipline. Check into this group when you are feeling in a moment of weakness. Remember to enjoy, but within reason!! You got this!