Summer Fitness Faves

Summer is here and our family is LOVING spending as much time outdoors as possible!  There is just something about the sun and warmer temperatures that encourage you to get outside and get your body moving.  Add in the trips to the swimming pool, temperatures so warm that shorts are a necessity, and special events that take place during these months, it’s the perfect time to focus on your summer body!

I have a few items that I cannot live without in the summer, and I just had to share them with all of you!

1.  Jabra wireless headphones:  I don’t remember what I did before these headphones!  Having no cords dangling while you exercise is super nice (especially for jogging and cardio!).  These are super comfortable and I can hardly feel them when I am wearing them.  It makes working out so much more enjoyable!

2. Instant Cooling Towels:  We found these handy instant cooling towels on Amazon a while back, and they are perfect for after a workout on a hot day.  I even use them with my kiddos after they’ve been playing outside and are extra sweaty!  You can find them HERE.

3. Sunbum Sunscreen:  Skin care is super important to me, and I don’t ever spend time outside without using sunscreen.  Sunbum is my absolute favorite.  It gives exceptional coverage, stays on while you sweat, and it smells AMAZING!

4. Exercise loops:  I know how easy it can be to put your workout on the backburner when you get busy with your summer schedule, and these loops make it insanely easy to get your workout in on the go!  Grab your loops and do your workout on the beach or while your kids play at the park.  Who doesn’t love a little extra lift in their booty?!?!  (Need ideas on what moves are best with the loops?  Email me at and I can set you up with the right program!)

5. Foam roller and ball:  I absolutely hate feeling sore the day after I work out, and this foam roller and ball provide so much relief.  I just take a couple extra minutes after my workout to stretch out my muscles and it makes a HUGE difference!