The 21 Day Fix Extreme Count Down To Competition/ Cancun ;)

11038788_10206197907928119_1824948929462490123_nLast week my little family moved to Austin Texas from Grand Rapids Michigan. That includes my Mom as well!! Recently my Mom lost the love of her life and has had many ups and downs in the last 3 months. I am so excited to hear that she is ready to get serious about fitness and nutrition and get bikini ready for the summer 🙂 In 3 weeks my team of coaches and I will be living it up and vacationing in Cancun Mexico, and I am motivated to feel and look my best in my bikini in April! So here we are, a couple of ladies on a mission. My Mom gives me even more motivation to go through this challenge because I really want to see her succeed and help her get through this challenge! I plan on staying the course with her all the way to the finish line!! We both took our before photos this morning, and have completed day 1 of our journey! Today was Plyo Fix Extreme. I was very impressed with Mom because she did the entire workout without a single complaint!! Sure she had a few moments where she was out of breath and saying “woohooo 15 minutes left” but she was a trooper! She gives me hope that anyones of any age can give clean eating and fitness a try!!


Here is our eating plan!! It seems very boring and well… it is!! We are going to keep it very simple and eat the same few things every day! It is best to keep this as easy and simplified as possible!! I add a little salsa verde, and hot sauce to my chicken, egg whites, and beef ! That is why it says “South West Style”. You will not believe this but each of our food for the week cost us about $60 a person!! That is very affordable! We also went with more organic options!


The blue means we are following the “countown to competition eating plan ” and the purple means that we are following the “fix Extreme eating plan”. This is a mild carb cycle 🙂 We chose to jump all in and do the “Count down to competition plan” because of my experience with prepping for my NPC competition. I know that fruits every day cause me to crave sugars, and I would rather have more protein on heavy workout days to help keep me full and energized!!


meal planPlease check in here daily for updates on our progress and how we are doing on our plan!! We will complete this challenge and reach our goals!! Just you wait and see!!