The 21 Day Fix Update Week 3 Begins

The 21 Day Fix and I had bad timing! The week the program came out, I had taken a trip to Florida with a two year old, alone! It seemed like every time I thought I had my stuff together, and my food planned, something would happen. Ex: Daughter was hungry, we were out, and I had to give her my food. She did not want her own food, so she ate mine, and I ate hers. When you are running around with a rambunctious two year old, it seems like that is all you do, RUN AROUND. So by the end of the day, I was happy to have gotten the chance to eat at all! I am sure many of you can relate to this! I did however stay on track with my workouts, and ate according to the eating plan 80% of the time, which in my opinion is quit impressive considering the fact that I was on vacation!!

I had another issue working against me, and that was my previous weight loss. I had lost 7 lbs in the previous two months with Body Beast lean phase. I was excited about this, but by the time I started the 21 Day Fix, I was so tired of being on a eating plan, I started to get really squirmy and honestly desperate to just relax! So I gave myself the 80/20 rule, until I got home from Florida. Now that I am home, I am on point and doing the 21 day Fix one more time! I have a cruise in 4 weeks after all, and I want to look my best and feel my best. Like Autumn Calebrese says, one pound at a time, one workout at a time! So I will take this week and be on point with my eating plan, and workout regime. I will do the doubles workouts for this last week and then completely start new after this week. I intend on giving myself one cheat meal this weekend before the start of the second round that I am doing, although I am finding that cheat meals have been making this program harder for me, it is totally psychological I am sure!

In conclusion, I was not mentally ready to take this program on 100%… but I am now. So when you fall off the wagon, the most important thing to do is get back on, and don’t beat yourself up!


Here is the doubles 21 day fix plan:

Monday: Total Body Cardio Fix and Pilates Fix

Tuesday: Upper Fix and Cardio Fix

Wednesday: Lower Fix and 10 Minutes Fix For Abs

Thursday: Pilates Fix and Total Body Cardio Fix

Friday; Carido Fix and Upper Fix

Saturday:Dirty 30 and Pilates Fix

Sunday: Yoga Fix



So far my favorite things about the 21 Day Fix:

You are required to eat 2 servings of fruit (if you are in the 12

00-1400 calorie range)
I am loving this! I normally do not eat enough fruit! So I have made a commitment to trying exotic and fun fruits that I would not normally have tried: Like a Parssimon.


I am loving that I know that I get to eat every 2 hours!

There are so many things about eating that I was not doing right, and I am learning so much more! I did not realize the clear lack of good healthy fats that I had in my diet! With two teaspoons of peanut butter, hummus, and a nut snack, I am getting way more than I have ever had and I love it.

I get to have my 3 glasses of wine per week, but here is the issue… When I cut out a yellow container (starchy carb), I find myself totally exhausted and hungry. I have my glass of wine, and I am even more exhausted and hungry.

The treats are fine, but again I find that it is hard to stay full when I do any treats of wine. I like to save my wine and treats for the weekend, and then I end up over doing it. I am wondering if I am the type of personality that just needs to cut out the treats and wine for the full 21 days as it is a total slippery slope!? I find myself snow balling.

Another benefit, I am realizing just how many times I pop one of my kiddos crackers or cookies in my mouth! When I eat a calorie restricted diet, I always end up popping one of her snack in my mouth and then a couple of more! My mind set is usually “oh its only 20-30 calories, as it is just a couple of bites.” Woa, those couple of bites really do add up. By the end of the day, I would have eaten an entire serving of graham crackers, from harmless grazing! That is an extra 150 Calories. Over a 7 day span, you’re looking at a pretty big calorie add up. Dang!! So this is helping me be mindful of the little things like kids snacks!!

What has helped me bit time is Shakeology! It is my mid day “cheat”, but oh so healthy! Its like chocolate

cake batter!! And it gives me that boost of energy I need! When you are living in a constant calorie deficit, you are bound to loose some energy. You are bound to get a little light headed (which I have been experiencing). As soon as I get my shakeology in I feel awesome!!

I highly suggest being mindful of eating on time so that you avoid getting dizzy or light headed. Being careful to eat exactly every 2 to 3 hours is so important. Right at 3 hours I can start to feel very tired, hungry, and desperate to munch away! If you eat before this dizzy spell, and hun


ger bout, you can prevent feeling that wasted feeling! Shakeology has been my life saver for sure when it comes to feeling wasted. It has been helping me get exactly what I need nutrition wise. Again, being in a calorie deficit you are bound to loose some vital nutrients. Shakeology picks up where your diet is leaving off. Even if your meals are totally perfect and healthy, you still miss some things. Drinking your 1 gallon of water a day is vital! I know I am always preaching this, but when it comes to this program, if you do not drink your water, you will feel wasted an

d exhausted. If I chug my water (10 gulps) I feel a zip in my body and I feel so much more away, and on it! I have been doing a cup of coffee in the morning, and a cup of green tea in the afternoon and that has also helped with my cravings and energy levels!



As of today I am down 2 pounds with the 21 day fix. That is 1 lbs week. That was to be expected considering the calorie deficit that I am in puts me right at a 1 pound deficit. I am 139 Lbs, 19% body fat, and 5’5. My body is holding on to its last 5-10 lbs and not wanting to budge, It has not budged in almost a year, so I am very happy with where my body is headed. I am sure if I were back at my 190 weight, I would be loosing weight a lot faster, but I understand my body has very little fat to lose, and I am okay with that! Baby steps over time! I was doing 1200 calories a week prior to 21 Day Fix and was losing 2 lbs a week. That caught up with me real fast as I was totally exhausted. Loosing 1 lbs a week seems like something that I can maintain for a while, while I work towards getting to my goal weight of 135 and 15-17% body fat (I gotta rock that bikini!). I have dreams of competition in a bikini competition, and I am not far off from where I would like to be to compete! I have yet to pick a competition, and that is because I want to prove to myself that I can stay committed enough to loosing this last bit of body fat. I will start to get into a groove and start loosing and then something hits me emotionally and I am never able to stay the course to losing the last 5% body fat. That is by far the most difficult to shake! And it has been a very difficult situation. If I did not want to compete, I would not be so gungho about these last 5-10 lbs, but I want to compete before I have another little one! And I just love the idea of another challenge!


I am wondering if I just pick a competition and sign up, if that will be what I need to get more committed to these last 5-10 lbs. I am also torn because my husband and I want to have another baby, I dont want to spend my last few months pre pregnancy cutting body fat, only to put it all back on for the baby. Decisions decisions! I am rambling…

So on to the fitness aspect… I used the bands in Florida while traveling, and I even started using them here in Michigan (at home) and I love them. They totally get the job done, and I had no idea the bands could make you work so hard! I was always grabbing for weights! These bands were killer! For ease, I think I may continue to use them!!

The workouts are fun, simple and not overwhelming. I am loving every minute of them. I can get it done with the little one playing by my feet! She seems to really enjoy the music and watching me do it for the most part. Today… not so much. One the days she does not let me (she grabs my hand and pulls me away from the TV), I just make sure to play with her extra hard and then try and workout when she goes to bed! The real magic in the 21 day fix is the eating, so as long as I am strict in the nutrition, I have faith in the process, and I am not so stressed about missing a workout.


I am so excited to share that 90% of my 21 Day Fix Challengers have lost between 2-5 lbs in their first week!! That is the absolute best pay off of this program, hearing the successes of my challengers!!!