The Final Results from My first NPC Competition



So many of you have asked me how I did in my competition! Here are the official results and placings of all of the competitors. Out of 23 competitors in the short division (as a short girl I hold on to every inch and I am in fact qualified for medium height… there were 7 girls in medium height), I placed 8th place. One judge put me at 5th, 2 at 7th, one at 9 and one at 8th.

There are two choices that competitors can make upon seeing this:
1. Throw their hands in the air and commit to never competing again and call it a bucket list item.
2. Get angry about where they placed and fight harder than ever before to do better in the next competition.

I was told this by the head judge :
“Anita you placed 8th out of 23 competitors. This is pretty good considering this was a very big class, and very competitive. My notes:
Great Look for Bikini Competing
Great Balance
Keep Going”

So there you have it. I have been told numerous times that this was one of the biggest competitions in Michigan and one of the biggest Bikini classes some people have seen in a local show.

Here is my choice… Im going to keep going. I am going to place if not win in my next show and I will go to Nationals, because that is how I operate. I see the next opportunity to improve, rather than seeing this is a “loss” or a “wash”. I see that one coach saw me at a place holder in the top 5. I see that two coaches saw that I was in the top 7 out of 23 people. I do not see this as me placing in the bottom of the top. I know what I need to do. I know what I need to change, and I will not finish this year out without my top 5 placement. I am a healthy competitor through and through and my reaction to this placement is 100% proof of that.



Here we go! I start prep in the 3rd week of August. These next few weeks will be about having fun with my lifting and running, eating for fuel and support of muscle gains! I am hungry to win, thats just me and I would not change it for anything